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How to Hone In The Ability To Disconnect by Lorelie Luna + Her Top 3 Business Tips!

What a blessing to highlight another one of our amazing ARISE Business Network Ninja's on my blog!

In the next coming months, I have the pleasure to feature our ARISE Business Network Ninja's on my blog! I'm super excited about this as I know each of our ARISE team members have sooooo much to offer and are doing incredibly well in the biz! They are full of great insights and I know we can learn so much from their experience as solopreneurs. But first off, what is ARISE Business Network and who are the Ninja's? In a nutshell, ARISE Business Network is a community that a good friend of mine Gez Perez and I have co-founded together. The community aims to bring like minded people together to connect, collaborate, grow and thrive together. You can check out more about us by clicking on the highlighted links above! We have a powerful team and support group behind us who we call NINJAS and we're so grateful for them in helping us run our monthly in person meet ups and share and really get behind the vision of our community. I'm so proud of each and everyone of our team and so i've decided to do an interview style blog so that you and I can get to know more about these amazing individuals who are so generous in serving their community!

This week I want to introduce to you a beautiful soul LORELIE LUNA. Lorelie is the founder of Hilot Massage Training & Holistic Massage Therapies at Luna Healing Academy.

Learn more about Lorelie as she shares her top tips as a solopreneur in our interview style blog below!


Tell us more about what you do and how your business came about.

I am in the business of mind-body transformation and Hilot healing is the Spirit behind the joy in providing the service. I decided to become self-employed in the midst of a ‘rude awakening’ while seated at my corporate desk job.

My business model came about with the guidance of amazing individuals: a spiritual life coach, a mentor, a life coach. It was a slow & unsteady process to get to where I am now, but I am glad to have the ability to share & teach my knowledge in all facets of the services I offer.

What is your why? Why do you do what you do?

Over ten years ago, I was guided to seek & follow a pathway of discovering something scientific that will help the population. My ‘then Self’ would think that ‘something Scientific’ is ‘ something very academic! But I followed this guidance, not questioning why, but just trusting. So I signed up to get certified. I enrolled in courses, attended training programs, seek out jobs where I get to pick a mentor’s source of knowledge, and sure enough, the decision to follow the guidance I received years ago, is why my ‘now Self’ choose to create a work-life of service to those who seek mind-body transformation.

Whenever I am in the zone – mentoring, spiritual coaching, conducting workshops, giving hands-on or distance healing – I do what I do because I know that if one can thrive from a life-changing guidance, one can offer to another, simple ways to achieve mind-body-spirit transformation, effectively affecting one person to another! It's all about the Science of the ripple effect!

What are the challenges that you find as a solopreneur and your tips to overcoming them?

What would life be if there were no challenges that will assist us with our growth? Here are some challenges and some tips to overcoming them:

Do not be limited by Limiting Beliefs

Our formative years were all about conditioning, structure and being told about what is right & what is wrong. We then become adults finding our way around the world with all these preconditioned ways & preconceived ideas in the back of our mind.

These thoughts were meant to protect us and guide us through life. But sometimes, those very same thoughts that we were given, may have included thoughts of not being enough, thoughts of negativity, thoughts of fear.

Acknowledge that these thoughts were borne out of love but also notice that these are merely thoughts. How we act upon a situation will be up to our own capacity to think & our own emotional intelligence. So be open for expansion and do not be limited by what you know and who you know. Consider the pros & cons but be assured that there is no right or wrong - there are choices. Create a mindset that will uplift you. Stay away from thoughts that will bring you down, and be mindful of those people who brings you down!

Seek to expand your knowledge & connect with like-minded people. Friends & Family may support you from time to time but what you love to do is not necessarily their “love”, too, so don’t get caught-up with work that you end up hounding your family & friends, just to build a customer base.

Hone the ability to Disconnect

I learned from my life coach that for my business to function smoothly, I will have to identify my priorities within the responsibilities & tasks of the Entrepreneur, the Technician, and the Business Manager.

As a Solopreneur, you have to wear all these hats. In the beginning, you will need to understand all these parts but as you move forward, you will soon also realise where you struggle. When you get to that stage of overwhelm, learn to delegate that part of your business that just seems to pull you back if you continue to do it yourself. So take time to disconnect from whatever part of your business that brings discomfort.

Be coachable and seek out the assistance of those who will share ideas with you in finding pathways for self development and improve your business skills. As an example, in my line of expertise, I am a technician. My skill as a Healer is what sets me apart in my industry. But I see a mentor & enroll in courses to keep improving.

As an entrepreneur, my most effective marketing campaign is word of mouth – which is priceless! But I also engage with other professionals through collaborative projects, producing digital & video images, networking, and I offer taster treatments. As a business manager, the privilege of 20+ years corporate work experience in various industries within the finance department, comes in handy from time to time. Although I make sure that the paperwork is dealt with on a regular basis, I engage a great Accountant to help me with managing the books.

Accept that even though you love what you do, there are parts of your business that are best handled by others who will support your growth. While you focus on becoming the best version of yourself, also learn to disconnect from those activities and people that do not provide you with the result that you need to flourish.

Multitasking is overrated

Becoming a Solopreneur comes with the joy of extending & expanding the person that you are into building the business, thus, the person that you are becoming, will affect your life; your relationships, your physical fitness, your mental capacity, your emotional well being, your spiritual self.

That is a lot of branches to extend! The ideas, the activities, the desired outcome - each of these will all need your attention & action. We may be amazing miraculous machines but think about it in a way we deal with our computers...we run various programs simultaneously, expecting the hard drive to process the various applications all at the same time! THEN the computer freezes. What happens then? What to do?

We are constantly extending ourselves & almost incessantly attached to our devices, running multiple tasks all at the same time. Burn out is the last thing we need when we are the one running the show, the star of the show, as well as the person that cleans up after the show!

While a to do list allows us to prioritise, create the time to handle the tasks from start to finish and focus on the outcome, without getting caught-up in the activities.

Take care of your brain & your body. You only have one that is designed to process life, one challenge at a time. Celebrate each completed task as an achievement. No matter how great or small! Burn out is much like the computer freezing. So before the need to force quit or reboot the computer, at any cost, be mindful to avoid the need to press command + esc or, hold ctrl + alt + del.

If multitasking becomes a habit, or is already a habit, please read tip #2: Disconnect

What are your 3 top tips for those who are still on the journey to discovering their business venture or idea?

To those who are thinking or are about to dip into the ‘Solopreneur’ pool of wonders, I would like share these insights: