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How to Truly Live Out Your Dreams

I love this months blog series "Living out your dreams".

Made me stop and reflect on my life to truly answer... "am i really living out my dreams?"

As a whole, we all have different aspects in our lives... may it be our career, our business, family responsibilities (the list goes on) and different facets that make up who we are... our values, talents, unique gifts, personality and character - this play a massive part as to how we make decisions and how we live our lives.

(Living out my dream - I dream of sharing the Word of God internationally)

I think when we talk about "living out our dreams"... we tend to go straight to our career, our occupation and what we do for a living.... in that case i would have gone on to talking about being a Life Coach and a Woman's Ministry Leader. But these are nothing but titles.

What comes first is the knowing of WHO you want to become rather than WHAT you want to be. You see at the end of the day.... for me dreaming is all about becoming. When i dream, i dream of having the sort of Character that God has created me to be. To live out my live's purpose and walk in line with my God-given calling - and when i do that, the TITLE is basically just the mini description of a much bigger picture.

(Living out my dream - I dream of leading powerful women of God)

Growing up i've always been so hungry to learn. I was very observant (and still today!) i would always watch people around me... specially those i really look up to and admire, and i would ask myself what is it about them that i admire? and how am i able to infuse my learnings about their life into mine. - The answer most often come from what they DO. As my dad says "the best books to read are people. You can see who they are and what they stand for just by reading their life." - So true! It's all about our actions.

"You are what you DO. Not what you say you'll do"

So today as we reflect on and think about "Living out our Dreams", have a think about what it is that you really are dreaming of.

Because i believe the end goal and that over all dream that we have, may it be a big house for your family to spend quality time in sharing meals together, or a profitable business so that you can bless others and give to the needy, (+ those "titles" we were talking about), these are just the results. Results of you wanting to build on your Character as you serve and love those around you.

As i build on my character and the passions and gifts that God has given me, I have been blessed to be able to align my business (Life Coaching) and my ministry (Woman's Ministry) together and hand in hand they work perfectly together.

(Living out my dream - I dream of encouraging, supporting and empowering women in Business. Mentoring and coaching solopreneurs)

I don't believe i have to separate the two, as over all, the whole thing is my MINISTRY! Why? because ministry is a Lifestyle! No matter what you do, wherever you go and no matter who you're with if you know you're WHY and you're intentional in serving, then it will always be MINISTRY.

So here's the question: Are you really living out your dream?

What is it that you're really longing for? write them down.... yes it most probably be those things that are tangible... but think about those things that can't be seen by the natural eyes... the character that is being build in you as you go towards this dream. - that in itself IS THE DREAM manifesting in you as you build your character - soon realising that all this time, you are already living out your dreams.

We no longer need to wait for that ultimate moment of "REACHING OUR DREAM" but instead, enjoying and basking in the NOW. In the moment to be intentional in "LIVING OUR DREAM".

In His Love,


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