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How to Create Your Personal Self Care Menu (My 3 Easy Steps) + Build A Happier Healthier You

"Self Care is so important. When you have time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel" Eleanor Brown

Towards the end of last year and the start of this year, I found that I was getting sick more often. I hardly get sick to begin with, but i've noticed that I've started to get sick and it was happening more often. I love my work and I love serving so much in my community that I do work overtime and sometimes forget to look after myself. I wasn't eating right, I was sleeping real late and waking up real early - so not much sleep at all and even though I didn't feel the effects of this while I was doing it because I was so excited about my work, it had started to take it's toll on me. And of course the result when I was sick was that I wasn't able to focus and give my 100% to my work anymore and so came a point when I started to get back to my self care routine and find ways on how I can improve my health and my life style.

I know that we as women are so generous and so giving. We always look after everyone else before ourselves, our family + in our work, no matter what field i'm sure you give out and serve as much as you can and so we tend to forget our own needs and forget to take care of ourselves. But this is not how it works, and this is not how we were designed. We need to be a good steward of our bodies, and all of what God has given us so that we can really serve from a place of overflow. So today I hope I can help someone with this blog in reminding us that self care is super important! I don't know if you already have a self care routine, but here's my basics that helped me get out of my rut and start living a much more healthier, happier life + serve my clients and build my business from an overflow. 1) Start by creating your Self Care Menu by looking at these 4 Pillars and writing out a list of activities that you can do to nourish that part of YOU. For example:


- Reading both Fiction and Non-Fiction books

- Reading articles that will teach you something new.

- Do Cross Word Puzzles and other activities that will challenge your mind.

- Renewing your mindset by meditating on God's word. Place Kingdom Affirmation Cards everywhere in your home or work space where you can see them often.

- Attend workshops or presentations that will add value to you and that you can learn from.


- Exercise routine.

- Brisk walk outdoors

- Practice breathing exercises in the middle of the day.

- Eating healthy - Create a healthy eating plan.

- Look at what vitamins or supplements you need to take to look after your body. (Please see a doctor and do a general check up before doing this) - This is one of the main things that helped me to feel much better as I discovered I haven't been getting enough nutrients through my diet and so supplements really helped me. In particular, I started taking JUICE PLUS and it has helped me in so many ways! I don't get sick so easily, I have healthier hair and nails and I have more energy!

- Sleep earlier! Schedule an evening routine to get you to bed earlier! Your body is healing while you sleep and you'll find if you get optimum sleep you have more clarity and focus!


- What lights you up? Add activities that excite you. This can be dancing, singing, writing, painting, playing an instrument? And for some this might even be being around the right kind of people and enjoying some friends over for some tea.

- For me one of the things that light me up is giving. When I generously give without expecting anything in return and scheduling this out intentionally is very rewarding. Think of giving back to charity, to your community, or even simple generous giving to someone you love or even a stranger - could be as simple as buying someone a coffee or giving someone a call to see how they are. SPIRIT

This is all about your spiritual life.

What activities can you do to strengthen your spirit?

Prayer and meditation can be put in this space as well as reading the word of God. You can also schedule in some time for some intimate worship and devotion.

2) Once you have listed out all of the activities you can do on each of these pillars, pick out your best ones from each pillar, (or even pop all of them in) into what I call your "SELF CARE MENU". The point is to make sure that you have at least one activity from each pillar.

3) Consistency and Scheduling. Make sure to schedule in that time to actually do these activities and block them out on your calendar. Stay consistent and be active in seeing your progress every week.

So there you go, that's what I do when creating my self care menu. there's times when we get stuck and we don't even know where to start when it comes to looking after ourselves. I find these 3 steps helped me get out of that and if ever you feel stuck again, just start from step 1 to 3 and do it all again!

Remember that looking after yourself is not selfish. It is necessary! For us to help others along the way and really serve them effectively and with our 100%, we need to first look after ourselves.

Enjoy! Lots of Love,

Fideliz x


"Are you ready to create the life that you've always dreamed of? Are you ready to be fearless in pursuing a life that's driven with purpose and that lights you up?

It's time to Invest in YOU"

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