"Let your life be your message" - Mahatma Gandhi

"Fideliz is a gem to work with. When I was on the look out for a speaker at my live event, I had a number of people in mind, but I gravitated to Fideliz's positive genuine energy.

She delivered above and beyond."

- Tina Bangel. Vocal Coach / Podcaster & Founder of One Voice School of Singing.



"Prior to attending the Vision Casting Workshop I had been doing much soul searching in relation to my life's purpose: what has God put me in this earth to do?

Fideliz really helped cement the importance of having a vision in order for me to get to where i need to go! Her wonderful warm, light- hearted yet undoubtedly insightful approach kept me thoroughly engaged, as myself and  the other participants got creative in carving out our uniquely tailored personal visions and life purpose statements.

It felt incredible to put my statement down in words, on an eye-catching vision board, which i can now return to during any times of doubt or diversion.

Fideliz has the sophistication, grace and wit to tackle such a big heart issue as 'life purpose' in a way that makes it fun, interactive and highly memorable experience. 


In her Vision Casting Workshop, expect to laugh a lot as you make fast friends with other like-minded women who have big dreams and much to offer the world!


You'll become a part of an ongoing network of sisters to support your journey towards turning your vision into reality. God our creator has a design for each and every person... I thank Fideliz  for her gift of encouraging me to dream big, seek clarity, celebrate my unique gifts, show up and most importantly - to commit everything to God's will" 


-Rachel Reid 

"The Vision Casting Workshop gave me clarity in what it is that I wanted to achieve in life & the confidence in knowing that our lives work in seasons & that we all have our own pace!

I enjoyed the workshop with Fideliz & saw her passion as she ran the workshop.The presentation was engaging, easy to follow and fun!"

- Daisy Foster

"I was honoured to have Fideliz speak at my recent women's event Unleash Your Freedom. She spoke with passion, conviction, energy and grace. Fideliz is a fantastic speaker who brings strength and life to those around her."


- Kat Millar, Owner of Get Results Training. 

"Fideliz has a clear gift in public speaking that always transpires out in her passionate, motivational deliveries throughout multiple speaking occasions at SCWC.


She had been one of SCWC's valuable members and leaders, for the past few years she had been instrumental in building the Women's Ministry and Ladies Connect Group that again shows her passion in building other women's lives."


Roy Marcellus & Jessica Leonardo

Lead Pastors of SCWC



The God Centered Entrepreneur

Vision Casting & Life Strategies

Discovering your Passion & Purpose

The Kingdom Mindset

Faith Filled / Vibrant / Dynamic / Raw

Fideliz is the founder of The Kingdom Women Entrepreneur community & The co-founder of ARISE Business Network.


A vibrant storyteller who loves to share God's word infused with her own personal life challenges and experience to encourage and empower lives with courageous faith, true transformation and freedom.

Faith filled and transparent, Fideliz speaks from the heart and shares her insights, experiences, personal struggles and life lessons. 


Her desire is to encourage those around her to pursue the calling God has placed in their lives, to exercise their gifts & talents for His glory and to live out their best, highest, grandest vision.

Fideliz has spoken in conferences both locally and internationally and is comfortable in presenting as a guest key note speaker. Fideliz regularly runs her own workshops and is experienced in hosting and presenting at business events may it be a seminar, a panel interview or a casual small group event. Fideliz has also been invited to MC at weddings and special events.




"You The Life Stylist Channel aims to inspire, share insights, and empower through sharing success stories & struggles of unique trail blazers who are living their dreams! Talk show interview series & inspirational videos that provides proof that anything is possible & that you have the power to Style a Life that you love."