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5 Tips To Endless Growth

Spring is here! I can't believe it's september already!

This month we'll be talking all about the Power of Coaching and Mentoring.

Too kick start the theme and to share with us her experience, I have asked a gorgeous friend of mine Alyssa Mak, to share with us her 5 Tips to Endless Growth!

Alyssa is a Sydney based pilates instructor and have worked in the nutrition industry for 4 years. Alyssa is also a recipe writer, passionate in helping people experience holistic health through achieving a balance between mind, body and soul transformation.

Want to know the key in growing?

Read on for Alyssa's 5 Tips to Endless Growth!


Is there someone you aspire to be like? Who is the first person that comes to mind?

All my life, I have always had different role models I looked up to, whether it be in business, fitness or in my faith journey. I have come to realise that the most intelligent people are those who never stop learning and are always hungry for growth.

So what stops some people from growing and why do some people move further in life than others? After putting much thought into my growth journey, I have concluded that pride is the number one killer to anyone’s personal growth.

Here are six areas where humility will sky rocket your progress:

1. Humility helps you have an open mind to learn. Pride restricts us from learning from others because we think that we are better or smarter.

When we acknowledge that there is value in every encounter you have with every single person, then we are creating a space for ourselves for daily potential growth.

2. Have the humility to listen. Do you ever find it frustrating when people keep talking and interrupting you as though they have not paying attention to a single thing you have said?

Well yes that’s me (guilty face). I’m a talker. I love talking, I love teaching and I love proving a point. This is great! It definitely is a gift, but it was also my weakness.

People who like to make their voice heard tend to struggle to listen. The deeper issue is a struggle with pride. If we want to grow, we need to first listen, not just hearing words being spoken - but listening. Absorbing information, digesting, analysing and understanding that there is value in others’ information.

3. Be humble enough to admit you were wrong. It takes great courage to admit your way of thinking or doing was wrong, but I can assure you that the faster you come to terms with being okay with failure and that failure is the biggest booster to success, the faster you will progress.

It’s okay to fall, but it’s the lessons you learn

from it that becomes valuable.

4. Have the humility to do the small tasks. Success doesn’t just appear overnight, it comes after the work. Often I have let my pride drive me to frustration. “I want to be the best in this field!” “Why have I not reached my promotion yet?” The reason I always wanted instant results is because I wanted to skip my humble beginnings.

I don’t want to do the dirt work like admin, errands and emails - I just want all the flashy spotlight, like speak on stage and get awards and big pay checks.

Success starts with the small tasks,

but when our pride gets in the way,

we disqualify these work

that actually will bear fruit.

5. Last but not least: Be humble enough to ask for help - Find a mentor! In the asian society that I was born into, asking for help reveals weakness. I am glad I was later brought up in a more westernised school where we were encouraged to ask for help.

Asking from the experts will help you move forward faster than trying to figure everything out yourself. Even though I am a pilates instructor and I have mentored many people in fitness, business and in faith, I myself always needed a mentor myself.

Understand that there is always someone who

can see your weakness and flaws, and by seeking for mentorship, it is not a sign of weakness but

courage and humility!

In the same way teachers always need a teacher and an instructor always needs an instructor. Guidance is so important to growth and accountability is essential. I hope this blog post isn’t another blog you read and disqualify but one that you can chew on, digest and help you take action!

Alyssa Mak

Nourish Mind, Body & Soul


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