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Rise Fearlessly with Coach Pat Romain

Happy Monday! This month's blog series is dedicated to highlighting my fellow coaches and their unique way of connecting with their clients + Collaborate and come up with a special unique offer specially tailored to kick start your Life Coaching Journey combining both of our unique offers! I pray that you'll be blessed and this will be a beautiful start to your coaching journey.

Another beautiful day to introduce to you one of my fellow coaches who inspires me so much! I love watching her videos and seeing her beautiful smile that just lights up the day! I'm so blessed to be able to collaborate with her on this project as i know just how passionate she is in serving the people around her, her community, her clients in a unique special way.

Pat Romain is an Empowerment and Leadership coach, writer and speaker. For the past 7 years she has helped hundreds of career women and business owners across the globe go from idea to a solid feel-good plan.

Pat is passionate about helping women uncover their mission and thrive as leaders. She holds space for women to achieve success by banishing beliefs of self-doubt and help them uncover their inner compass so that they create a beautiful life, career and businesses by trusting who they are. She believes that everything starts from within and is deeply spiritual.

Read on to find out more about Pat Romain on our interview!

1) How has Life Coaching changed your life?

Life coaching has completely changed the way I think and allowed me to show up differently in the world. When I decided to get certified as a coach I had no idea that this would be the start of a deep journey inwards. Apart from studying and honing my coaching skills, it was also a journey of self discovery; a journey into my feelings, my desires and my dreams.

I started to think and feel deeply about what I truly desired for my life, and acted upon it not by forcing but by allowing. Studying and becoming a life coach allowed me to become more authentic in the way that I showed up in the world, BEING REAL meant that I would be able to “see” my clients. I was able to understand their journey and better hold space for their transformation, by allowing them to BE THEMSELVES too.

This journey brought me to explore more of myself and in turn give space for my clients to do the same.

2) You are known to help many women in leadership, helping them fearlessly create opportunities for themselves. How did this passion come about & what important life lessons do you share with your clients?

Before embarking in a career as a Life Coach, I worked in the corporate world and I created two successful businesses in the past 20 years. I have always been very ambitious and a “go getter”.

My passion for teaching women (and a few enlighten men) how to rise fearlessly and create their own opportunities, came after having to do this for myself time and time again. After changing careers, creating my own business more than once, I realized that although I loved my work at the time, it was my passion that fueled that work hence the desire to choose myself and show up for myself (and others) in my work.

I understood that by creating my own opportunities and not waiting to be given a piece of the pie, I took charge of my own life and my future. I also understood that by showing up for myself I was making a bigger impact on my immediate community, and in the same breath showed up for others. I stepped more into what mattered to me.

Here are a few lessons I consistently share with my clients:

  1. You are loved, supported and appreciated

  2. Everything is ever changing in life and that's okay

  3. You don't have to follow anyone`s blueprint of life, and you have your own answers inside you

I hold a sacred space for my clients to fearlessly rise above their fear so they can create their own opportunities, and learn their own life lessons and then create through their action steps the life, the work and the love that they want.

3) How does your one on one coaching session look like and what topics usually come up in your sessions?

My 1on1 coaching sessions with my clients are held via phone, skype and even facetime. It`s usually one hour where my client and I discuss their specific goals and the actions that they took for that week to get to their desired intention.

Before that we usually start with how they are feeling about the road ahead and anything that comes up from their week in relation to what they want for their life or their work.

Everything we discuss is steeped in feelings and energy, and ,YES, it always seems a bit weird because although I am a very practical coach where I support my clients in coming up with very practical actions, rooted in my clients goals; I know that life is not just about `TAKING ACTION` just for the sake of taking action. My clients and I understand that to have deep and lasting change, we must look deeply within and taking action steps that are aligned.

In my sessions (and beyond), I always want my clients to know that their feelings are valid and the easiest way to gauge what they want for their lives. Your body, energy and your true feelings never lie.

My clients are mostly working towards goals that might seem very practical, but can also be soul based; for example a client my come to me because they are unsatisfied in their career and want to expand in that way, or they want to transition into some other type of work that is more aligned with who they are.

4) Tell us about your upcoming program (s) and what we can look forward to in the future to celebrate with you!

My upcoming program is called Fearless Rising and is a small 8 week group coaching program where those who are coming with me on this journey to shift their desire or dream into a feel good action plan.

They are ready to transform their lives by getting clear about what they want in their work, the day to day and everything else; taking back control and creating opportunities for themselves that are steeped in this alignment.

I like to dive deep myself and those who work with me are the exact same. Although it looks like we are pursuing worldly things, fearless rising is about rising above the fear and pursuing them while remaining rooted in our beliefs, and authentic selves.

5) Lastly, what's your unique coaching expertise and who are your ideal clients?

I believe that my coaching superpower is to help my clients create opportunities for themselves whether it’s in the line of work, love or lifestyle. I support my clients in becoming leaders of their own lives.

My unique coaching expertise is to support women with any type of transitions in their lives and work.

My ideal client is an ambitious and successful woman who wants to lead by example, her WHY is tugging at her heart and she believes that her work can make a positive impact on the world by starting with her community. She has a deep desire to have a fulfilling career and life and she knows that it’s all possible.

My people know that money is awesome but LEGACY IS EVERYTHING.

Find out more about Pat Romain at



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I have enjoyed learning more about my fellow coaches and their unique way of connecting with their clients + creating special coaching packages to help you start your coaching journey!

Simply email me at and book your session and let's get this Coaching Journey started!


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