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Inner Peace & Self Leadership with Coach Hayley Donohue.

What a way to kick start 2017! This month's blog theme is "Your Unique Life Coach" where i introduce 5 Unique Life Coaches though out the month of January who inspire me as they serve their clients with passion and and absolute love! Each with their unique personal life lessons, experiences, passion, gifting and unique way of coaching they offer something truly special to which there's no comparison!

I do this because of 2 things: i'm so proud of my fellow coaches and I want to celebrate our uniqueness! Having a Life Coach is becoming more and more common these days and no it's not just for the rich and famous, athletes, CEO's or entrepreneurs - if you know of anyone that's kicking butt and achieving goals after goals and excited about living out their best life, then you'll be sure to find that they have a Life Coach cheering and encouraging them on! - and yes we are not just available, we also are unique and have so much to offer.

To kick start this month's blog, i interviewed Hayley Donohue! Hayley is an Inner Peace and Self Leadership Coach and she works with spiritual and soulful females who feel disconnected, stuck and are craving MORE from life and guides them to cultivate a deep feeling of freedom, clarity and connection. Hayley helps them to create more joy in their life, to tap their intuition and truth - to think less and feel more.

Read on and find out more about Hayley in our interview + Our Unique Life Coaching Offer that we have created just for you!

1) Why do you think it's important to find your unique Life Coach?

I think it is important because the client/coach dynamic plays such an important role – if you feel comfortable, supported and inspired by the coach that you are working with then that will have a positive impact on how you show up in the sessions, and ultimately the results you achieve.

I feel that it is crucial that you bring your whole self to the sessions and share all the highs and lows, all your thoughts and all your experiences with your coach – and choosing the right coach for you (one that you just click with) is key for this.

Also, recently there has such a boom in the coaching industry that there are so many coaches offering such varied services, and choosing a coach who is skilled in the area you want to focus on is going to ensure you get the best results.

2) You are known to help many women connect to their intuition, to live from the heart and to create a sense of freedom. What does this mean and why is it so important?

To me your heart is really your truth, so when you live from the heart you are living from your truth. This means that you are not controlled by your mind and fearful thoughts, but you are living a life of peace and happiness

Your intuition is the thing that guides you and allows you to feel and connect with your heart. It is your inner teacher and when you tap into the power of your intuition you are able to FEEL what you need, want and desire in life. Your intuition is always speaking to you – it is your most trustworthy guide and advisor, so by going within and getting quiet and still you will drown out the mind, the worry and the fear and get in touch with what it is that your truly heart desires and what feels right.

Life becomes really, amazingly simple and joyful when you do this. You will begin to align more with what it is that you truly desire, and not feel so restricted and stuck by your conditioning and the expectations of others. This brings such amazing gifts to you and you open to a deep sense of connection, happiness and freedom. You will see that life is not about doing or achieving (while all of that is great) – it is purely about BEING. That to me is true freedom.

3) What do your one on one coaching sessions look like and what topics usually come up in your sessions?

To be honest my coaching sessions vary so much because I meet the client where they are at, in that moment. I don’t follow a set agenda – my client is my agenda and I always intend to serve my client in the best possible way I can. To be able to do that I need to tune into the energy of how they are feeling, and what it is they really need from me and the session – what is going to serve them best. This may be intuitive insight, working through limiting beliefs or deep and powerful conversation. We may do NLP processes, emotional embodiment or energy work or we may just talk it all through – it can be a variety of things but it is all focused completely on my client’s individual needs and working to their goals.

The topics that come up often are connecting to your intuition and heart– how you can do that and what it feels like in your body, overcoming self- doubt and limiting beliefs and cultivating trust in yourself and your life. To me these things are a great catalyst for positive transformation.

I am passionate about guiding clients to know how to create true happiness and freedom, slowing down and coming back to the present moment - your truth and how you can do that, increasing their confidence and trust in themselves and life so this often comes up in sessions also.

4) As you were discovering and learning more about yourself as a coach, how did you come to discover that coaching on freedom, inner peace, and spirituality are the areas that you are passionate about?

This has always been such a big part of my life. I truly love it. These things have always excited and inspired me in life and in coaching sessions. I have had a strong spiritual calling for as long as I can remember- often hiding it when I was younger, but now I own it. It just felt so natural and right to incorporate it into my work. It has always been something that I have gravitated towards and I am so blessed to be able to bring that into my coaching.

5) Lastly, what's your unique coaching expertise and who are your ideal clients?

I think where I excel as a coach is in nurturing people into a place of inner peace and self-leadership. In being able to guide them to let go of fear and limitations and getting them to connect to their inner guidance system, slow down and tune in to their heart and live a life that is full of confidence, clarity and connection.

My ideal clients is the soulful and spiritual woman who is feeling disconnected, stuck and craving more in life. She has a deep curiosity and willingness to explore spirituality, wants to connect to her intuition and feel a deep sense of joy. She knows that there is more to life, is looking to let her true self shine and gain more freedom, clarity and connection.



An Intentional New Year with Hayley

+ Activating Your Signature Style with Fideliz Cruz

From Hayley:

2 x Monthly 60minute coaching sessions to set an intention for the new year. Together we will look at what you want to achieve, and most importantly how you want to FEEL in 2017. I will help you create a plan to cultivate this, and help you work through any obstacles that may show up.

+ 30 min check in session – in month 3 we will have a 30 minute catch up to discuss how you are progressing and what I can do to help move you forward.

From Fideliz:

1 x 90 Minute One on One Signature Style Session.

I will help you discover your Signature Style and bring out your uniqueness and authenticity through personal style. We will go through what to wear according to your body shape, as well as wardrobe basics! - This can be done either via Skype or meet up.

+ A copy of my e-book Kingdom Affirmations filled with daily affirmations to keep you inspired and motivated through the year!

Receive this unique Life Coaching & Personal Styling Package for $120 (Valued at $390)

*This Unique Offer is only available this one time only and initial session should be booked prior to January 31 2017.

Simply email Fideliz at

or Hayley at

and book your session!


Find out more about Hayley Donohue at


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