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Experience. The Vital Component as You Paint and Live Out Your Dreams.

Let’s take it back to over a decade ago when compassion was restricted by those around me. It was in 2002, when I had escaped the imprisoning walls of the school system and I, like many, disregarded the enforcement of going to every class. Despite the fact that school was not my major interest there was one class that inspired me to stay for graduation. My Visual Arts teacher was the woman behind the beginning of my success and motivation to start my journey.

I had completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of Sydney, let’s just keep permission by parents in the hidden section for now. That’s where the real journey began, where I was uplifted into the career pathway that I had dreamt of, the field I had always wanted to succeed in, here’s how I painted the experiences that live with me today.

As an artist I spilled everything people would say by words with a paintbrush onto a white canvas. The blank spaces that were larger than I was, filled with colour, one after the other during my early years. They all sort of rushed together creating a fitting collaboration that rendered against my boredom. Soon enough it came to a point where my parents, similar to the majority of South Asian parents, wanted me to start my own life, with I guess you can say, a family of my own. I took a large gap from painting for a while, however after finding solutions to my own complicated personal life, came back on track to what I succeed in today.

A while later I embarked upon a new journey, I started travelling, which today, is the initial means of what I portray. Going up and down, from one airport to the next, airline to airline, reaching destination to destination. The difference in architecture, culture, landscape and of course, food, enlightened my experiences giving them colour and nature and how can I forget, the weird guy that I call family now.

The various aspects of these places started to influence the way my brush moved on canvas. It was never the same after that, a great population of my artworks reflected on the so many corners of the world that I am grateful to have witnessed. I fulfilled in creating the pieces that I have put together today and amongst them, lives the journey I acquainted.

The components of the series differentiate the dissimilar visuals that were in contrary to my eyes. So much of what I have learnt in the past few years from around the continents of Europe, Asia and Central America have insinuated the strokes left on the canvas. This concludes to my recent exhibiting series ‘Journey’ (recently exhibited in the Gaffa Gallery, entirely influenced by my experiences from the world, outside of Australia.

The way brush is held or the colours they paint is never the critical aspect of art, it is but the experiences that have been faced and the people that we are privileged enough to meet that result in the creation of the piece, that is the most worthwhile aspect.


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