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Letting God Direct the Path Towards Your Dream!

Growing up as an Indonesian woman in a small town, I had the typical Indonesian mindset that perfect life was going to school, going to university, working, getting married and basically having a fairy tale life. However, I knew I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. One of the things I did, which I am really thankful for, was pursuing my degree in University of New South Wales Sydney Australia.

I am truly grateful because living in Australia has opened up my mind to see things from different views and cultures. I also got to meet many beautiful kind-hearted people from different backgrounds, including Fideliz through SCWC that time. I always remember her inspiring love story with her husband, Eric.

Long story short, I finished my bachelor degree in 2010 and I went back to my hometown in Indonesia to expand my family business. I quickly settled and had everything planned out. My own plans.

My life started to crumble down when my wedding plan was cancelled and I got leukemia in 2015. Shattered and broken. I have been Christian my whole life and I didn’t know how my life could turn that way.

However, my life didn’t stop there. Our God is such an amazing God and all glory to Jesus that I am now healed. Although I did not get supernatural healing and had to go through every step of treatment procedures, I knew I was not alone. The treatment process was not easy at all and I almost gave up few times. Nevertheless, I can honestly say that I am happier than before, I feel more beautiful than before. But most importantly, now I know that His plans are way better than my plans.

My recovery takes one step at a time. However, I feel that it should not stop me from living out my dreams. One of the things I love to do after I got better is cheering up other cancer patients. I am a member of Sahabat Orang Sakit (SOS) or Friends of the sick. It is a ministry for Indonesian people who are having treatment in Singapore. We pray for them and we spread good news to patients who don’t know Jesus yet. I have seen miracles in the course of one year and I can assure you that God is a good God. I am truly grateful I can be part of SOS because I can also be testimony for other patients. Seeing hope rising and seeing people receiving Jesus are the best feeling.

(Christina sharing her inspiring story)

(Christina & the SOS team training in National University Hospital)

As I am writing this, I want to encourage you to read

Psalm 91. Psalm 91 has been my strength during difficult times. One particular verse that God gave me few days before I got my medical report was Psalm 91:16 “With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.” I hold that promise until today and God never fail to amaze me.

He doesn’t only heal me, but he also let me find a business partner and expand my business to Singapore. Although it’s still a startup, I never thought that I would be able to do it.

I also started my own website

On the website you will find my cancer journey story and tips for cancer patients. The mission for this website is to be able to raise awareness about Leukemia and help cancer patients in need. Through the website, you can also donate for cancer patients with financial difficulties and send prayer requests.

I still have a lot of dreams I want to achieve. But ultimately, I now realise that God is the centre of it all and all I want to do is just follow Him and His plans for me.

Don’t stop believing that God is with you and He will direct you in His path.

Christna Bloom

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