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From Dark Shades of Depression to Living Out Colourful Dreams. Anything is Possible!

A decade ago, I worked in a Special Education and in pre-school. I've had lovable collective memories of working with children with various challenges. Being with them manifested my inner child and it became a valuable jumpstart in my career.

Fast forward to 2014, after a trauma from marriage which resulted to depression, I moved to Sydney to start anew and with Providence, I am now working in a demanding job. I've missed my home, family, friends and I was trying to adapt into a new culture. I've never been so alone until I've met Fideliz.

(at Fideliz's Style Workshop!)

Fideliz and I connected. I was candid to open up my idea that I wanted to do Face Painting. I barely have artistic prowess nor inclination towards it. But what I believe is my desire and passion to work with children and have fatefully granted on that day when I told her, "Hey, I think it will be a bright idea if I can do Face Painting to make kids happy and it'll work as an art therapy for me." Months after, Fideliz asked me to do Face Painting for Mia's 5th My Little Pony Birthday. Oh boy! Half of me was really excited and half of myself was laughing out loud "As if I can draw a pony!"

But Fideliz was thoughtful with affirmations. She encouraged me despite I showed her my practice art works looking distorted 'seahorses' not even worthy for halloween. I wanted to back out but she continuously telling me, "You are doing great, what do you think I can help you with?" She's my cheerleader and I trust she will always be. From my first risky stint I was praised for my creativity and long-standing patience.

(at Mia's My Little Pony Birthday Party! - My first Face Painting Event)

I have a fair-share of criticisms and cynicisms on this venture that it wouldn't last long since I don't have natural talent. I found humour in it. From my dozens of epic fails, I continued to practice and take up a Face Painting lesson with Sydney's famous artist, Amy Grigg. My ulterior motive isn't about gaining money out of this but to bask in enjoyment with my inner child and battle through my depression. From one invite, it led to another birthday party which became my playground.

"Rainbow Thumb Face painting" was from a catchy, fancy thought: "If a gardener has a green thumb; A chef has a white thumb, then what do you call it for a Face Painter?" And so, Rainbow Thumb became a magical name.

In 18 months, my paint brush and palette have brought me from the Northern Beaches, to Upper North Shore and out West of Sydney serving 24 birthday parties averaging to 20 face canvasses and had been to major events like Melanoma March, Run Forest Run, Australia Day, and Macquarie Hockey Game.

Coming from a world of serving kids, it gave me a sense of purpose and it resonated in me to pay it forward. I am now on embryonic stage of working through my "Project Bahaghari". The mission for this charity is to be able to reach out further through arts and bring out a smile on every special child's face and serve with a heart. The target recipient will be an intervention centre in a town in the Philippines that is in need of resources for educational materials, therapeutic tools and sensory-enriching toys for use in occupational therapy, special learning classes and speech therapy services.

For the next 12 months, 30% of the proceeds from my Face Painting will be donated for this cause. You will be the major keystone by simply referring my service to any events or donating educational or used toys from your children's toy baskets. You are an angel in making our dream become a sparkling rainbow bridging colours of love to the other bow's end.

In the story The Alchemist it says, "People are capable, at anytime in their lives, of doing what they dream of" My spirit is always urging me to go forward (even in struggles) and be at my best that makes me happy. The once "Teacher Trina" will always remind me of my first calling and how I began from a humble town of Laguna. Over the years that persona though sometimes hidden, would still inherently come out because of what I love and what I continuously dream of.

Trina Adawang

Founder of Raindow Thumb Facepainting

To support and to find out more about

"PROJECT BAHAGHARI" email Trina at or simply visit the RAINBOW THUMB FACE PAINTING

Facebook page.

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