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How to Build a Life & Business that you Love as a Life Coach + My 1st year as a Life Coach!

Just last week Oct 27th 2016 marked my 1 Year Anniversary of being a Beautiful You Life Coach! As i celebrate this 1 year, i look back and see all the wonderful things that has happened and how my life has changed since i became a Beautiful You life Coach.

The Celebration wouldn't be complete without me sharing this experience with the WORLD and so here goes! (and i know this will be the first of many blogs i'll be writing about the Beautiful You Coaching Academy! Theres just simply not enough space and time to write ALL that i love about BYCA! My love for the course and the certification is just overflowing!).

(with the beautiful Julie Parker - CEO & Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy)


2 Years before i had decided to take up the BYCA Course, i was running my own Personal Styling Business & was searching ways of how i can make this business better... I was looking at ways of how i can better serve my clients in a deeper, more meaningful way and how i can share my passion of encouraging, motivating, and empowering women... much more beyond "what to wear", "what's in style this season" and "how to make the right first impressions". I just simply believe there was so much more to offer, and i wanted to add more value into my clients lives...

and then i found Beautiful You Coaching Academy and there was the answer! It was exactly what i was looking for... not only did it take my business to another level, it also helped me to be a much better leader, entrepreneur and a person all in all!


I would say this was the best decision i had made for myself and for my business. Not only did i learn about Life Coaching, i also learned more about myself! I learned priceless lessons about my own uniqueness and how i can share my authenticity through in everything that i do + how i can add value to every client i meet through Life Coaching. BYCA has really taken my business to another level and had opened up many opportunities for me that i thought were not possible!

BYCA GAVE ME THE MOST FULFILLING & LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCES. Looking back at the year thats gone by, i'm just amazed at the many opportunities that i was able to serve in such a unique way.

Guest Speaking opportunities, Radio Interviews, Magazine Features, Guest Blogging are just some of the many fun platforms that i was able to share my gifts.... they were all amazing opportunities and opened doors that was made possible because of BYCA.

I was also able to build up my courage and create my own YouTube Channel Called "YOU.The Life Stylist" and write my very first E-Book "Kingdom Affirmations"!

(My beautiful client & Business Bestie Josephine Lau)

BUT ABOVE ALL THIS! It was the most fulfilling to know that i've been able to serve my clients with the best of the best training when it comes to Life Coaching! I have had the opportunity to serve the most courageous and loving women i know. From entrepreneurs, full time moms, students, graduates & seniors and it's always so rewarding seeing them achieve their goals and finally come to create and realise all their Dreams & Visions. Watching them soar and take courage, doing those things they use to dream of and actually live it... that's where i feel the biggest FULFILMENT & REWARD.

I GOT TO MEET AND WORK WITH INSPIRING WOMEN! I had the pleasure to meet many inspiring women whom have really learned from and have build meaningful friendships with. I got to collaborate in many workshops and events such a my "Vision Casting & Life Strategies Workshop" and build strong sisterhood community called "The Passion Fuelled Network"

(at my Vision Casting & Life Strategies Workshop)

These are just the many many reasons why I love BYCA so much! I love that i belong to this beautiful community. It's only been 1 year and this is BEYOND what i could have ever imagined! I'm looking forward to the next year and i'm sure it's going to be even GREATER! Thank you so much Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy!


February 2017 course has sold out but May course is now slowly but steadily filling up! Make sure to sign up before December 1st as the course price rises by $500. Click on this Link The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course to find out more & to Enrol for The May Course!

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