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Turning a Brilliant idea into a Beautiful & Chiafull Business!

We're into our week 2 of our Beautifully Brilliant theme and i'm excited to introduce to you Ms Elizabeth Patrice who is the founder and the owner of Chiafull! A Brilliant idea turned to a beautiful business success! Read on as i interview Elizabeth all about her Chiafull Business!

1. How did you discover the brilliant idea of having a chia business?

I discovered the business idea from a friend who was already eating Chia Puddings from the local supermarkets.

I actually had no idea what chia pudding was until my friend showed me and said “ they are not great tasting, however you could make them yummy with your skills in the kitchen. being a chef , and transform them into a really tasty healthy breakfast/snack on the go. So the light bulb in my head turned on and that was were my obsessions for chia seeds came from.

I started making it at home and taking it to work where the staff and boss would ask what I was eating and said it looked nice. So then an idea came about to sell it in the café I was working at to see how it went and to my amazement it went very well so I thought I’m going to start going around more cafes on my day off and see if I can get it out there and now I have over 20 stores on the northern beaches supplying my product to the public including cafes, IGA’s and health stores.

Also as I am a chef by trade and absolutely love creating new dishes and desserts. However my style of cooking has changed dramatically to how I was taught at college. I like to class myself as a super food girl nowadays. I love to make my food gluten free, dairy free, sugar- free, vegan and paleo. I started this as I am gluten intolerance and I don’t eat dairy or meat.

I found it so annoying that when i was rushing in the mornings for work or on the road trip there were never any healthy options available for a good breakfast or a healthy snack anytime of the day, so i got obsessed with chia and just researched about the little miracle seeds and recipes and off i went creating my own chia pudding which took 10 months to get the flavors, textures and consistency to the outstanding level i was happy with.

I must point out the health benefits of Chia seeds are outstanding as they are full of protein, fiber, omega 3, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and much more in this tiny little seed i call the "miracle seed" as it's also great for weight loss, it boost endurance, and guards against an impressive range of serious health conditions, such as obesity, coronary heart disease, diabetes, arthritis.

2. What makes your chia treats unique and beautifully delicious?

The honest truth about what makes my chia puddings unique is the LOVE and PASSION that goes into making them. They are healthy with so many benefits as quoted above plus gluten free, dairy free, vegan and paleo. How can you go wrong :) & they taste pretty good too.

3. What makes a Beautifully Brilliant Entrepreneur?

Someone who is passionate about what they love to do and wants to share their service or product with the world out of enjoyment, Pure dedication,

Perseverance, Personal growth on educating yourself, Personal satisfaction, Taking your business seriously, Planning everything from A to Z, Focus, Positivity, Creativity, Staying productive, Being an expert in your field, Having that x-factor, Giving clients what they want, when they want it, Building a rock-solid reputation, Getting yourself out there and grabbing attention, Following up, Taking time out to avoid burnout and leveraging tasks, Feel grateful and have appreciation for your clients and for the hard work you put in to building your brand.

4. What can a small business do to stand out from the crowd?

Be chiafull… I had to get that in as my no1 hehee.

Be happy, positive, and consistent with your product and service.Outstanding customer service & customer experience. I love to entertain my customers by complimenting them and getting to know them every time, planting that chia seed in their head & guarantee results, this adds value to your customers and know your target market, be a specalised in this field its very important. For me mine is for all those GF, DF, Sugar free, Vegan and paleo people.

Have a unique habit. Mine for example is to always have dog treats and a bowl of water at my stall for the local pouches. Yes I do have local dogs that come to see me everyday at my stall, I love it and so do they. At Chiafull we love animals and we donate to the animal welfare a percentage of our profits made on all out pots.

5. It’s important that we go above and beyond customer’s expectation. What does it mean to give a beautifully brilliant service?

I personally love to make my clients/customers feel special.

I feel blessed and grateful that they purchase my products and I really appreciate them very much. I complement them and I go out of my way to ensure they get the best outstanding service possible from myself and always with a chiafull smile and positive vibe.


Check out all the yummy & healthy treats right here:


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