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Is having a vision & taking action enough?

I'd created the Vision Casting Workshop with my clients in mind as this is something that always comes up with our one on one sessions, but as we all know, this is something many of us struggle with. We all "kind of" have an idea of what we want to do and achieve in life, and the why we are doing it, but we find it hard to put to words and make it clear for us and others to understand.

and as Albert Einstein says "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

Having a clear & compelling Vision is imperative for success. It's your navigator. Your Map. It's allows you to focus on the end goal and not get distracted with all the commotion that's going on around you. It doesn't even matter if you're an entrepreneur, a full time mom, a librarian, a exchange student, a beauty therapist or an athlete! Everyone needs a Vision!

In the Vision Casting Workshop, we talk about the importance of having a Vision and go through a guided meditation taking you to a place where you can actually visualise where you want to go in life and your version of success. After this we then take the time to write out our very own Personal Vision Statements. The very thing that we want to achieve at the end of our lives! - Not to mention of course the follow through! The doing! The action and creating strategies towards the VISION!




Yes, having the ultimate personal life vision is great and this is something we focus on in our workshop, but we also need to remember that having a vision is a constant thing. It's something we have to re-evaluate and re-assess as seasons in life changes. Just like every season of our lives are different, our vision also changes through those seasons.

For example: your vision as a single person would be so different from when you are in a season in your life when you are already married.... it will then change again once you are in the season of your life where you have kids.... and so on... our priorities, values, character and beliefs change with every season and as we grow, and so does our VISION - and that's why it's important to look again and re-asses our vision.


Having a Vision is the start & taking action will get you there. But we also need to be sensitive and have the discernment to know when we're starting or perhaps ending a season in our lives - this is a journey. a constant second look as we take a step back and look at the full canvas. We need to Re-evaluate, re-adjust and re-mix the colours. Gently creating the next brush stroke as we paint our masterpiece.

As our Leaders with Vision - July Series ends....

thank you to all our guest bloggers who had shared their heart, their success stories and their insights about what it means to have a Vision. It was inspiring reading each blog and learning what it means to be a Leaders with a Vision.

We're missing some ladies in this pic, but here's the the crazy bunch who came to our July Vision Casting Workshop! I had the best time! - Thank you One Last Time Productions for capturing this moment!


Make sure you're always aligned with your Vision &

take the time to re-coup and re-asses where you are & where you are heading! Stay in the loop & find out when our next

will be by making sure you get connected right here.


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