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Your WHY forms Your Vision & Navigates your Destiny.

Tina Bangle is a vocal coach, podcaster & founder of One Voice School of Singing.

I had the pleasure of being one of her guest speakers for her workshop and since then i've witness her love and passion for what she does! I have said this to many people and i would say that she's one of the hardest working person i have ever met. I believe this is because she has a massive WHY and a Big Vision for her life and so i was excited to know how she came to realise and discover her why. What she thinks of creating a Vision and how she remains focused.

In her blog, she shares:

"A vision is a dream or a thought that never leaves your sight. It’s there when you wake in the morning until you rest your head at night. It’s not quite a destination but it is the masterpiece that when you look back you can see the puzzle prices fitting together. Sometimes it’s ok not to have a solid clear vision, but as our journey continues we just need to focus on how we want to feel at the end of every day. You may find yourself pivoting at times but other times you may feel that you are on the right path." - Tina

Read more about Tina's Story by reading the her Full Blog HERE

Tina also shares with us what she does to stay focused and the importance of surrounding yourself with family and friends who are like minded as well as having a Coach to keep her accountable and focused. How she discovers her WHY! + 3 tips that can help you reach your goals!

"After years of teaching and performing I now know that my Why is to help children Be Heard. Be Heard so they can express and deal with life and everyday situations. Be Heard through singing. Helping them believe that their voice is important. Helping them through the joys of music and singing. I truly believe that if you give a child the confidence to use their voice and express their soul then they have the ability to change the world around them" -Tina


Read more about Tina's Story by reading the her Full Blog HERE

Visit her website at:



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