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(Vision + Passion) x Love. The Formula to Realise your Vision.

I am fully invested in film productions or anything affiliating with films, I grow to love film more and more each day and to know that everyday I can start a new project and that it doesn’t feel like a chore, it's truly a blessing. I get to create a world based on what I write, I get to bring a character to life just by describing him to an actor and create visual effects that has never been seen before on my screen.

If I can allow a few audiences experience what I did and be entertained by all that, I knew that all the things me and my team went through was worth it. However, filmmaking was first and foremost not the first thing I had in mind when I thought about job prospects when I was in high school. I wanted to be a computer engineer or an Information technology analyst; anything to do with technology is right up my alley. However, my love for technology is also shared with my love for films. At that time, Films was not as accessible to many people as it is now (Pirated dvds and cinemas were my only source of film culture).

Big sites such as YouTube and Netflix have not created a shift in the paradigm for filmmakers and or cameras companies that are cheaply available for filmmakers and allowing them to earn money from it, it is one of the reasons why I never considered film production, as a viable option in my life neither did my family.

Despite many bad connotations on films and sacrifices we have to make that come with pursuing in the arts, there are many factors that play at risk. No steady income, no proper resume, not going to be relevant etc. I knew going against the current; however, as my passion for film never let out it only grew stronger, I reluctantly agreed to research in filmmaking and what I end up with was finding ‘Media Productions’ ( a mix of filmmaking, marketing and technologies those the things I love bundle up together )

My parents were initially doubtful but I persuade them to give me a chance, in the end I am loved and supported by my family but they could only do so much as my parents never went to university so they had little to no knowledge about the arts. Also I was asking my parents a hefty sum of money to move me to a foreign country just to pursue something I love but unsure about the prospect of the industry, it was a leap of faith.

Whilst I was studying in my university pursuing a degree in media production, most of my friends back home had picked different majors, some picked engineering and most of the others picked commerce there was no one pursuing media in filmmaking, Which in turn mean I am the only media student across my group of friends. While in class, it was tough being the only international student; chances are the people that are there had basic experience with films and some productions work. Even though it was an introductory class I still felt out of place and because of that I never really socialise much.

But that never really slowed me down instead it encourages me to keep fighting harder for what I want despite all those setbacks. At the end of the day, when I look backed it wasn’t as bad at it seems really. I met so many friends that helped me get to where I am today and some life long friends too. Because without them my university life would be just a dull average moment without any risk or any challenges involved

There is a reason to why I wrote about a piece of my life here. To me it's always important to remember where you started from and how you get to where you are now. You start to realise that even a small ripple is still a ripple and many of the choices you make will affect the next part of your life, good or bad.

Now in the story a recurring theme is presented ‘Against the current’, metaphorically, it means moving forwards despite the river flowing towards you. Now by no means is my story an epic one nor a David vs Goliath epic tale like. However, I tell my story because I hope I can share a bit of what I go through so that maybe it could resonate with you. The story about how all those small movements that had me doubting turned my life around for the better good, It’s a leap of faith.

You see, every story that I share has a moral and this is one of those examples of ‘God works in mysterious ways’. Every time I move forward, I ask ‘Is this going to work?’ the answer always stayed the same ‘Believe in me’. The path were clear, I could have turned back anytime I wanted but God wanted me to know about my doubts and know my weakness is getting stronger every time I take a step forward. But his love and his grace and his guidance didn’t led me astray and kept me in the right path, my passion and vision gave me the strength to keep on going and I could never ever have done this without his love.

By putting God first and putting your trust in him, you begin an idea and start to realise your Vision. You see, Visions are as important as Passion. A Vision without Passion leads to nothing and Passion without Vision vice versa. There is no one without the other and to tie all together is love, the love of Christ and the love you have plays an important role. I use this guidance as sort of a formula when finding a team or staff, if I get to choose between a passionate person who is keen to learn and a person who is skilled but lacks the passion, I’ll choose the first one. Because their love for their craft shows it all. I like to formulate it like this:

(Vision + Passion) x Love

At the end of the day, there are many ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ but little do we see people ‘do’. Putting your trust in God and hard work goes hand in hand. If God moves, you move.

Eric Ngoei


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