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4 Epic Strategies for Leadership Success

"True greatness in leadership never happened in comfort zones, it is leaders who know their identity that breakthrough every limitation and boundaries to achieving the possibilities" -

Gez Perez

As the theme is about Leaders with vision, in this blog you will learn how 4 epic strategies can enhance your vision for leadership success.

Firstly I believe we are all leaders and it is by taking the lead for our personal lives. The word leadership may sound like a huge thing to people, they think it is position given, position earned or position labelled for the elite. 90% of effective leadership is actually the ability to lead yourself and how you see your life as a leader. We cannot lead others if we ourselves cannot lead our personal lives with effectiveness.

Everyone has their own versions, concepts and ideas about leadership and what I have noticed in people or coached clients and we’ve all felt it. When we make a decision to step up and take charge in our lives there’s this moment of self-doubt. Am I really a leader? I’m not qualified or fit to be like on? Can I be successful in life? Is it worth the fight?

Deep down you question yourself “Do I have what it takes?” I believe you do have what it takes because you have the opportunity and power to turn things around right now. You can be the person of success by making a choice that you can lead your life, business, career and everything of your desire from self-doubt to confidence in faith. You have your ‘why’ the passion, motivation, inspiration, hunger and its now time to take your 'how' to the next level.

There are two things that enhances your vision in leadership

  1. Self-awareness – By being self-aware you initiate what the gaps are in your life in how you can be effective and productive as a leader.

  2. Responsibility – You take ownership of your life and take lead to being a leader of action and influence that creates your results

I have learnt that vision is great but to take it up a notch is that your vision needs to be ACTIVE VISION this means that your vision empowers, inspires and motivates you to thrive forward to accomplishing your mission for success no matter what challenges you face.

What is ACTIVE VISION? It is not your ordinary written statement that is left on a piece of paper to display it on your wall. ACTIVE VISION is your driving force of high standards of excellence to actively, relentlessly, aggressively, pursuing the vision, mandate and mission you have set that is backed up with your actions.

So how do we turn a normal vision into ACTIVE VISION that propels your life fast and efficient for leadership success? These strategies will give you the pathway to get you focused and on track.

Learn these hacks and you will be an effective empowering leader.

  1. Be determine to take responsibility for your active vision Be the leader that plans effectively and takes action seriously.

  2. Calibrate the process in your active vision Be the leader that is consistently improving to achieving the best possible outcomes.

  3. Take ownership for personal development Be the leader that is razor sharp and ahead of the game by constantly learning and growing.

  4. Consistently communicate and inspire the active vision that enable others around you Be the leader that influences and creates empowering culture.

I believe it is your time to rise and conquer so take up the challenge. Let the ACTIVE VISION come alive and become your mission for leadership success! All you need to do is say yes to apply and activate these strategies. You have what it takes to succeed in life, so go for it! In closing be empowered and inspired in the series of Leaders with Vision.

Gez Perez


Gez Perez is a Coach, Trainer & Motivational Speaker.

Gez is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their lives and take it to the next level so they can achieve personal success. His passion is to inspire people so they can achieve and unlock

their true potential for greatness.

Find out more about GEZ PEREZ THRIVE at :



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