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The Biggest "B" word you need to get rid of if you want to achieve your Dreams!

"Wow, you teach yoga? That’s so cool. I want to do yoga too but I’m not flexible." “Wow, you’re a digital marketer? That’s so cool. I wish I could work in something fun like that but I’m not smart."

“Wow, you’re an entrepreneur? That’s awesome to run your own business. I want to be my own boss but I gotta make more money first." “Wow, you have two kids? That’s great you can do so much. I would love to but I don’t get help with my children."

This is me. My name is Josephine Lau and most people call me Jo. I’m a digital marketer turned entrepreneur and Holy Yoga Teacher and Therapist. And these are the types of conversations I have when people learn about me. Sometimes I get some of the comments. Sometimes I get all of them. Most of the time, I get the ‘BUT’ that comes with the ‘WANT’.

God has really graced me with the privilege to do what I want. Becoming a Holy Yoga Teacher has seen a significant shift in how I view success, how I chase my goals and how I deal with failure. Here, I’m honoured to be sharing with you how I got my ‘wants’. It's not just a goal-chasing strategy. It’s a lifestyle.

First, you must drop the ‘but’s. The number of times I hear the above sometimes frustrates me, and I have to remind myself that I do that often, too. BUTs are a cop out. Sorry to sound so harsh for you risk-adverse folks out there (like me!).

‘BUT’s limit your capacity and limits God’s capability in using you. If you want something bad enough, you have a goal. Your goal is to achieve it, not limit it. Dropping the B.U.T. is a good start to help you focus your vision and create that big dream.

Second, dream big. If you’re anything like me, a million questions and obstacles pop up when dreaming big. If you don’t dare to dream big, ask yourself why. Is it the fear of loss or failure? Dig deep. For me, it was where I planted my faith. My faith now comes from a higher power above, God and Jesus. It’s no longer my own capability but what He will allow me do. With a limitless God, anything is possible. Jesus teaches me to have faith in myself, too! He says that I am good enough. I’m no longer afraid to dream big nowadays. I stop and breathe whenever I catch myself getting wrapped up in ‘but’s and fencing my dreams.

Third, start small. It’s not rocket science that big things take time to grow. It’s how it happens in nature (think life form) and it’s how God created this world to work organically. Give yourself room to learn as you grow and give yourself time to recover if you fail. Smaller starts means smaller falls too. It’s always easier to digest smaller failures and learn from them, than huge falls. Part of my job in teaching yoga is to help students understand this concept of small to big through body work, like getting into splits and handstands.

The last and most challenging, practise patience. I rank this to be the hardest. As a Holy Yoga teacher, meditation and prayer is a huge part of my life. In my meditation, I learn to hear from God about my dreams (wants, wishes, desires). I present my dreams to God in my prayer life and I let my faith lead me into my success. All of this teaches me patience. Think of the most recent time things didn’t go to plan. Think of how many times this has happened in your life. Countless, I bet. Just by living through those events, you’ve stretched your patience threshold. Success requires patience. Failure requires patience.

Success and failure is all but a perception. If you embrace them into your journey as blessings and humble learnings, every day you’ll be kicking some goals. When it’s an everyday thing, setting and achieving goals then become a lifestyle. Choose to live a lifestyle of casting vision and kicking goals.

It’s an exciting journey, this beautiful life. Make the most of it and may you meet Jesus along the way!

As a trained yoga teacher and therapist I am passionate about helping you align your goals with your physical and emotional health, and spiritual life. If this has encouraged you to learn more about Holy Yoga, I’d love to speak with you!


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