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How to make significant changes to add value to your clients & create opportunities for your bus

Personal Styling & Life Coaching Combined!

A bit of a background story for you.......

When i first launched my Personal Styling Business on Feb 6th 2014, (wow only a little over 2 years ago!) i was so excited because i knew i had finally taken the first step into getting closer to my dreams and it was going to be so much fun but i also knew i will have to learn new things, and invest time, money and hard work into it.

Because i have been doing Personal Styling a couple of years before i launched my business officially in 2014, this gave me time to think about how else i can better serve my clients and add value and quality to my offerings. I have learned that i enjoyed Personal Styling, but i was ready to find ways of helping my clients on a deeper level and so i decided to add Life Coaching into the business.

On May 6th 2015 i graduated with Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and it was again one of the best investments i have made for the business and it allowed me to better serve my clients - Life Coaching sets me apart from other Personal Stylist and this is something i'm so very proud to offer. Hooray Personal Styling & Life Coaching Combo!! I can honestly say i feel that i am right where i need to be, and i'm on my way... even now walking with clarity and confidence towards my Vision. Such a beautiful humbling experience, and i'm very thankful.

One of the things i have learned as i grow in my business is that we continue to learn, grow and continue to evolve. We will always find ways to innovate, create and expand our business. Our business grows with us.

You will always find ways to add value to everything that you do and if you want to stand out from the crowd, then we need to be able to look outside the box and create the change for our business. Look at ways to diversify and provide additional opportunities for your business.

As expected, a few people around me didn't understand this concept or vision, and were wondering why i would add Life Coaching with Personal Styling....... and i say why not? i actually think they complement each other! Remember that some people are not going to understand you, and will not really get your vision. It's ok. They don't have to get it. Just keep going with your Vision. When you get a new idea for something you'd like to do, it's not unusual for it not to be understood by the people closest to you. Creative people are, by nature, innovative; and innovation, while necessary and desirable, is not readily accepted at first.

Here's some questions for you:

How can you better add value to your clients, your business and your service offerings?

What significant changes can you make to create better opportunities for your business?

What is holding you back from making those changes?

Give value to your dreams and creative ideas.

Our creations can take on a life of their own, and we have no idea where they will lead or who they will impact.

It will be challenging, but it will be well worth it!

Step by step.



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