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Fast Track To Your Dream Life Style Through Coaching


My coaching & mentoring journey started over 10 years ago. I can still remember having a meeting with one of the managers and he actually said to me ‘I can see you as a retail account manager one day! All you have to do is keep working hard and you’ll get there!’

As this was my first job straight from Uni I was amazed to have that kind of feedback so early in my career. It was on the back of positive reinforcement like this that I started believing in myself and that maybe it was possible.

I was shocked he saw something in me that I couldn’t see and without realising it at the time, I was already absorbing key tactics which I would use throughout my career to motivate, lead and guide both myself and others around me.

Over the following 3 years I gained more sales experience in various jobs which led me to acquire a position with a rapidly growing company. In my fourth year, at an annual awards night, I was somewhat surprised to receive recognition for the work that I was doing by winning an award that allowed me to join the company’s top 7 sales people on an all-expenses paid overseas trip as reward for the effort I was putting in.

It was around this time that I started picking the brains of the other sales people and the company directors to find out what made them tick and what they were doing different to me to be achieving the higher sales numbers - I would always surround myself with those who i know can mentor me.

Without having the strong leadership around me and utilising the advice offered to me, I would never have known what was required to break into the upper echelon of sales people within the company.

Coaching & Mentoring is a must if you want to fast track your progress and achieve your goals. I found that along with my hard work, this was what fast tracked my career & gave me the encouragement and support that i needed to take me to the next level.


After a while, I realised that I wanted to go into business for myself. It would creep up at the back of my mind every now and then but I would just simply ignore it, until I took a break from work, sat down and actually went back to basics by writing out plan for the next 5 years.

After a month or two’s deliberation, I realised that it was now or never so I decided to take the plunge and quit my job. In order for me to be happy with my life, I needed to take the risk and create/design my own life. And if it didn’t work out then at least I tried and have no regrets.

The following day I returned to work and handed in my resignation. I remember breaking the news to my boss and breaking down in tears as it was such a relief and I knew I made the right decision.

It took me a year to realise that I wanted to go into the food industry. I was on the island of El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines at the time when the idea presented itself.

I’ve always been a foodie, I love eating, baking, cooking etc. And after watching a young family selling street food in the small town, I knew right then and there that I wanted to go into the food stall business and spread the Filipino cuisine all around Sydney and that’s how Pasalubongs

Filipino Soul Food was born.

When I arrived back in Sydney I went straight to work to start building my business form the ground up. I spoke to a number of my relatives, all of who are exceptional traditional cooks, about the food that they ate growing up in their province in the Philippines in hope to create a menu that was going to be different to other food on the market and give me something to be proud to bring to my customers.

After 2 months of preparations, I launched my first market stall at my local market place in Kirribilli with a large element of emotions made up mostly of nerves and excitement. I am pleased to say that in a few weeks’ time my business will be turning 1 year old and I am grateful every day to those who helped me get here.


My advice to anyone who is looking at taking on a new path in life, uncertain about the path they are on or just looking to improve their mindset and way of being is to find someone that you like and respect and talk to them. Ask them a hundred questions and find out what they did to get the lifestyle they have.

Find a mentor who's successful in the industry you want to get into. Chances are, they would have done the exact same thing not too long ago and will be happy to help you. It’s also really important to step outside of your comfort zone. When you step outside of the ordinary then that's when you truly grow as a person.

That could be going to networking events, business seminars, joining a group with likeminded people who share similar interests. As busy as my schedule is at the moment, I always take time to give advice to friends about their businesses and social media marketing. Nothing makes me happier than helping them achieve their dreams and seeing the changes and successes they encounter.



Diorella Ramos is the Founder & Owner of

Pasalubongs - Filipino Soul Food

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"Are you ready to create the life that you've always dreamed of? Are you ready to be fearless in pursuing a life that's driven with purpose and that lights you up?

It's time to Invest in YOU"

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