The Kingdom Entrepreneur Mastermind 

Group Coaching & Business Mastermind


Would you like to grow or launch your business?

Are you ready to fast track your progress & start making your business dream a reality?

Would you like to receive all the tools, resources, and strategies

you need in a supportive community?

Then this mastermind is for YOU!


"Hello! I know you're here because you believe there's sooooo much more to your business! Not only does your business give solutions to problems but it's also a platform where you can express your creative freedom, bless others with your gifts, & nurture your family! What a blessing to be able to steward such a gift! 

In The Kingdom Entrepreneur Mastermind, I will be sharing with you the best of what i've learned since starting my business many years ago: The strategies, tools and resources. - no holding back! I want to give you everything you need to fast track your progress and grow a thriving profitable business. 


The entrepreneurial journey is not nearly as effective when walked alone. but grows best when we connect and collaborate with other like minded, passion-filled individuals. 

So congratulations to you for showing up and investing in yourself!

I know you have a BIG vision and I can't wait to work with you! 

Fideliz x

The Kingdom Entrepreneur Mastermind is a mastermind group of entrepreneurs with a burning desire to shine their light confidently and serve in their business.

The mastermind is filled with individuals who are ready to take hold of their vision and make it a reality. 

The mastermind brings together people who are excited about expanding their network & influence, as well as being supported by a community that sparks accountability, fun, inspiration,

and purposeful actions.



  • You believe you have a bigger purpose and called to serve others through your business.

  • You want to have more clients, earn more profit and gain more exposure.

  • You're serious about growing your business and are committed to your vision.

  • You're tired of having a "hobby" and want to create a thriving, profitable business that not only serves others but gives back and nourishes your family.

  • You're ready to invest in your business, gifts and talents & know it will be worth it!

  • You want to break through fears and limiting beliefs about your business.

  • You're ready to create a life you love, on your own terms, abundantly in all aspects of your life.

  • You know the value of community and collaboration, and you're ready to meet new biz-besties along the way. 







(Monthly online group coaching via Zoom Conference Call 7PM AEST / Please note the scheduled dates)


(Wednesday January 6, 2021 - 7PM AEST) 

Here we'll get real clear on your business visions and your WHY + focusing in on your unique gifts, strengths and strong points that will set you apart from everyone else out there.



(Wednesday February 3, 2021 - 7PM AEST)

Here I'm going to show you how to create amazing products and services that your dream clients truly want.


(Wednesday March 3, 2021 - 7PM AEST)

I am a certified Personal Stylist before i became a life coach and have run styling workshops teaching women how to dress according to their body shape as well as how to discover their personal style. I will teach you how to use Personal Styling to create your personal brand + build a strong business brand that everyone will fall in love with. (It's all about promotion and marketing)


(Wednesday April 7, 2021 - 7PM AEST)

Time to get yourself out there and collaborate! One of the best ways to empower yourself and fellow biz besties where we will create beautiful collaborations that will bring both profit and exposure to your business. (All whist supporting and celebrating one another!)


(Wednesday May 5, 2021 - 7PM AEST)

Let's get creative and think outside the box! Look beyond and see what new beautiful things we can create for your business. We will have a look at your current products, programs and offerings and challenge ourselves to go beyond.


(Wednesday June 2, 2021 - 7PM AEST)

Here we'll go though your business finance for a health check up. We'll be looking at what you've been doing so far and what we can improve on + future financial goals and how to achieve them as you grow your business.



  • 6 monthly online group coaching. A 90 minute mastermind where we unpack our monthly business focus + set intentional & inspired action steps together for the month. (Time depends on all participants)

  • 1 x 60 Minute (One on One) Business Coaching call with Fideliz every month to strategise and work through your action plan and challenges you might be facing.

  • Private Facebook Group with an intimate mastermind community, where you get instant access to your fellow masterminds for creative input, advice & accountability. Here we're generous in sharing our experiences and resources to help you grow your business + celebrate all that you are accomplishing! 

  • There will be email support throughout our coaching together and you will have access to our amazing Kingdom Entrepreneur Mastermind  Alumni Community where you will meet other like minded women who have also experienced this mastermind in the past. In this network you will gain support, insight and resources that will continue to inspire you even after our coaching programme is finished.

  • We will create opportunities together, collaborate, and mastermind ways where we can promote and lift up each others business and celebrate each others hard work - Group coaching programs are great as it connects the participants together in a beautiful community. A supportive place that brings about accountability.

"Your vision is greater than your fear

& your actions are the evidence of your faith. So show up & keep shining, because you were made for a purpose & the world needs you." - Fideliz Cruz 

"I had just finished being a part of a group Coaching program and was hungry to work with another group of people. People who were action takers, with solid goals for their businesses to strive and succeed. I wanted to be a part of a community with a leader, who walked the talk and was shining with success. I found the combo I needed, of like minded achievers and a strong leader in the Kingdom Entrepreneur Mastermind.


What I have learned from the Mastermind is to take the time to reflect and review your business. One of my projects working with Fideliz is updating my website. I'm working to include my signature program, my speaker service and testimonials of the wonderful clients and audience I have worked with. I have also been empowered to submit an entry for an award. I was unsure because I thought my work didn't fit the criteria. I'm very pleased to say, that with Fideliz' encouragement and belief in me, I'll be submitting the entry shortly which I am excited about. This has made me stand a little taller, feel more grounded and more confident in my business. 


I would recommend Fideliz -As the Mastermind leader, Fideliz has led us through the monthly modules. They have been eye opening, refreshing and has helped me look at different aspects of my business with more clarity, alongside my fellow Mastermind students. As a Coach, she has always made me feel supported and held, knowing that she is walking beside me, with her knowledge, warmth and experience"

Jo Baja, Mindset and Empowerment Coach from Connect Shine Rise

"It has been an absolute blessing to be apart of Fideliz’s Kingdom Entrepreneur Mastermind this year. It’s what I have been praying for and I have learnt so much from Fideliz. Everything she has taught us in the mastermind I have been able to apply to my business and it’s been amazing to not only watch my business continue to flourish but to grow as a Kingdom Entrepreneur. 


I love and appreciate Fideliz’s heart for God and for us to build a successful business that impacts people’s lives and most importantly to do it God’s way. Her passion, wisdom and experience shines through every session. I really enjoy the group zoom calls and how we are able to learn from other entrepreneurs and the one on ones have been valuable as I have had the opportunity to ask Fideliz questions that relate to my business.


I have more clarity on what God has called me to do and the confidence to step out. If you are considering one on one coaching or joining Fideliz’s group coaching programs, I would highly recommend you do. Thank you Fideliz for everything you do and for your obedience in stepping out into what God has called you to do as a life coach. It’s been such a joy, honour and privilege to work with you!" 

Marianne Petersen - Founder of Kairos Creative Studio

"It was a pleasure being part of this program. Fideliz is a great mentor and passionate person with great emotional intelligence. I enjoyed being part of a community which also shed some light on myself undertaking my own ventures.


Whilst being more tailored to a more spiritual mantra, I value and recommend the network as well as Fideliz for having a great uplifting attitude and positive energy.


She was effective in helping me to sprout some great ideas along the way and helping me to maintain momentum in the journey which yielded some amazing results with a quick turn around."

Natalie Wen - Founder of Natstar Art & Design

"I highly recommend Fideliz mastermind program!

I love Fideliz's style and the way she presents her program.  

I've known a few business coaches over time and Fideliz is extremely practical, very encouraging and not condescending! She also has a wealth of current and relevant knowledge for business and marketing!" 

Lorellee Colley - Owner & Director of Destiny Strategies 

"She is a woman of the Word and of her word!

She is full of passion, a great encourager & has a wealth of knowledge from which I have been blessed to glean from. Fideliz has been an amazing mentor & coach to me for my business & life.


She has helped me in my journey of starting my creative business and through doing the Mastermind Course I have garnered valuable insight on how to be a good steward of what God has given me to do through my business, she is a great teacher!  


I highly recommend taking her vision casting class & the Mastermind Course if you are serious about using what you have for the Lord through your business, Fideliz is the one to go to for help & guidance in that area! Amazing, classy, beautiful spirit, kind heart, bold in the Lord, she has become a friend & sister to me"

Hini Mercado - Owner and Founder of Leeora Creative Studios 

"2021 IS YOURS!

Take it and receive everything it has to offer!

The Kingdom Entrepreneur Mastermind will not only propel your business to the next level. It will also expand your business community, building meaningful relationships with like minded, game changers & boundary breakers in their industry.

If you're serious about growing your business and creating a life that you love, step up and decide to take action towards your dreams NOW!



Financial Investment:

$497 a month for 6 months ($2,982)

Pay in full and receive $500 off ($2,482)

* Monthly and fortnightly payment options are also available.

The Kingdom EntrepreneurMastermind

is limited to a small group and will fill up fast!

Enrol now and secure your spot.

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