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Designing Your Life with Coach Amy Mackenzie

I have the absolute pleasure to introduce today one of my fellow life coaches who's close to my heart. Amy Mackenzie is one of the very first coaches whom i had the pleasure to work with at the start of my coaching journey as well as one of my guest speakers for my very first Vision Casting Workshop!

Amy Mackenzie, Founder of Designing her Life, is the go-to Life Coach for Girl Bosses, Change Makers + Women in Biz. She is also the Co-founder of Solopreneur Society an online community for female entrepreneurs, cultivating connection, support and sisterhood.

Amy works with female entrepreneurs, coaches, change makers + creatives. Helping women with a business or passion project, find + own their voice, boost their self confidence + belief, be seen + tap into what they truly want, while taking inspired action towards designing a life they love + building their dream business. Her heart dances between her businesses, travelling the world, soulful conversations + making memories with her loved ones.

Amy has been such a great support and have always encouraged me through my coaching journey and so i'm very excited to have been able to collaborate with her again on this months "Your Unique Life Coach" Blog Series which is dedicated to highlighting my fellow coaches and their unique way of connecting with their clients.

Read my interview blog with Amy below as she shares more about her coaching journey as well as what her tips on finding your unique Life Coach + Check out our unique life coaching offer we have created just for you!

How did you get into Life Coaching and what was the deal breaker in starting up your Life Coaching Business?

My journey into becoming a life coach + starting my own business was more of a 'following the breadcrumbs' kind of thing, wanting to help people + make a difference in the world. After my intense personal journey that saw me hit my rock bottom and climb back up, I really wanted to help other women know that they too could take back control for their life + themselves. I had seen + experienced for myself, that we in fact get to choose how we show up + react to the things happening in our lives + we don't have to let our circumstances define us. Put simply I wanted to inspire + empower other women to design a life they love too.

Designing her life began as an inspirational outlet on social media on July 1st 2014, a space to share quotes, stories + inspire others along the way. Quite quickly I decided to turn it into a blog too + enrolled in Bright-eyed Blog-hearted, which lead me down the path of building a website + starting to imagine what could be possible.

And so in 2015 I decided to take the leap + study to become a life coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy + start my own business. Fast forward to now, 2017 + I am blessed to have coached + mentored countless inspired entrepreneurs + girl bosses from all around the world.

Tell us how your passion in helping women in business come about. What excites you about this area of Life Coaching?

As I was beginning my own journey of entrepreneurship + connecting with so many likeminded, passionate women who were also creating their own business or dreaming of bringing a passion project to life, I started to notice a few similarities + was feeling called to really help these women achieve their dreams.

I realised that those of us who are stepping up, answering the call for more + wanting to create change in the world, are also the ones who are shining a light on our own self development too.

All of a sudden our fears feel bigger, self doubt gets louder, our confidence can waiver + before you know what's happened, you've been derailed from your dreams + are struggling to move forwards.

I also noticed that there were a lot of coaches + resources out there for the more practical side of business but not so much the emotional side. This is what excited me + felt really right for me as a coach. Having been through it myself + continuing to go through it as I build my own business, I saw an opportunity to support other girl bosses, change makers + women in biz through the emotional journey of being an entrepreneur. With the big vision that, in turn together we are creating a world of strong, confident, self loving women whose own work is creating change.

In other words my coaching + business is based on helping other women in business, fulfil their purpose, having a domino effect on how women are able to show up in the world.

​Tell us more about Designing Her Life & what it takes for a person to be able to fully and truly allow him/her self to take charge and design their life.

I believe that the power to designing our own life is inside each of us. No matter our current or past circumstances. We each have a choice.

A choice to use our experiences as fuel for our passions + desire to succeed. To take what we have learnt + been challenged with + turn it into something that serves us. A choice to use our stories as part of our successes not our failures.

You can choose to let your fears, challenges, limiting beliefs + lack mentality define you + stop you in your tracks OR you can start listening to that tiny whisper that is telling you, you are special, you are worthy + you were put here on earth to do incredible things.

Whether it is a positive mindset, kind self talk, building self belief, challenging ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone or to trust in something bigger than us, it is all a choice made in how we want to live our life. And when we take back our power by acknowledging our own responsibility + choices, we can then move forward in living the life of our dreams.

What obstacles do you face as a Life Coach and how do you share the lessons learned to your ideal clients.

There are many obstacles I face on a daily basis, however I don't believe they are simply as a life coach, but rather as a woman trying to understand herself better + tap into the life I want to live. We have been led to believe things need to look or feel a certain way. We have been brought up in a society that tells us who we are.

There is an awakening happening + we are now questioning those beliefs + ways of living. It is a very empowering time to be alive, but it also means there are huge shifts, struggles + 'stuff' that we have to work through. So while we are wanting change + feeling called to help others, we also have to do the work ourselves. That is of course where it all begins. So each day I am challenged to work on my own self belief, fears + relationship with myself, so that I am able to be the best coach I can be + continue to grow my business.

Because your business won’t grow unless you do.

The best part about what I am doing for myself + my own business is that it is also all growth, knowledge + experience to share with my clients + the DHL community.

For example when I have struggled to set boundaries in my business leading to burnout because I was working from a place of fear + lack (hello mindset), I learned valuable lessons on what not to do, which I was of course able to share with my clients, helping them to then create strong boundaries in their own business + prevent burnout.

I love sharing my own personal lessons + experiences when I believe it will help + I do this in a variety of ways through my 1:1 coaching, group coaching, communities like solopreneur society, videos, social media + basically in any way I can.

Lastly, what's your message to someone that is wanting to reach out to a Life Coach but haven't found their unique life coach yet?

I think it is important to share that life coaching isn't about being broken or not being capable. It isn't that you need someone else to fix things. Working with a coach is about having someone support you, understand you + meet you where you are. It is a beautiful relationship between a coach + client, where the time + space is held for you in a non judgemental, lovingly accountable + flexible way. Finding the right coach is like finding your wing woman or right hand man, who has your back + will cheer you on every step of the way.

I don't believe it is one size fits all + neither do many other coaches, which is why there is such a thing as a niche. Meaning there are different coaches for different areas. So instead of looking to one coach to fulfil every need, try asking yourself what are your priorities right now, what are the things you most want to work on + then look for a coach who specialises in that particular area.

To do this, I suggest making use of the free consults/discovery calls, that many coaches offer. It really is a fantastic opportunity to get to know them + their style better, ask questions + help you decide if they are the right coach for you.

If you have a few coaches you're interested in, go ahead + book in with them all. It is ok to ask questions + do your research before deciding. Remember that in your lifetime you can work with more then one coach for different reasons. I have worked with a life coach + a business coach to help support me in different ways.

And something I always like to remind myself of is that every encounter adds something to your life. So whether it is in a consult or working with a few different coaches, you are adding value to your life.


Continue to connect with Amy over at her online hub for entrepreneurs

or stay social via Facebook + Instagram @designingherlife



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