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The Biggest Hindrance in Making Progress & How to Overcome it

During these past days, i've been re-assessing my progress in terms of my coaching journey, my ministry and also of course my life in general and how i have grown as a person these last 3 months. It seems it's gone so fast, and i've achieved and had grown so much more than i could have thought or imaged! I feel like i took some vitamins and had a growth spurt! haha

So i asked myself...

"what is it that made me have this growth in such a short time?" "what am i doing that made me make so much more progress than the first quarter of the year?"

and here it is! I have figured it out!

It was really all about giving my self freedom to make mistakes and not have everything soooooo perfect! It was being a perfectionist that was holding me back big time! and now that i have learned this, and have seen the difference it made in my life, i really want to share this with you!

I'm not saying that you don't need to improve things... i am always looking at improving everything that i do, and we should..... that's not what it's about. It's about demolishing our expectations to have everything done so perfectly! Because really, what does perfect look like? when we compare it to reality and it doesn't match up..... we end up blaming ourselves or others and end up not wanting to keep going with the project. We end up stuck. We start to look at everything that is wrong about it and instead of learning from it and moving on, we fall in the trap of procrastinating or making excuses to progress and do it again. And so being a perfectionist really is the biggest hinderance you will have in order for you to progress and grow!

Actually just thinking about it now, i think it all started from when i made one of my very first videos (which was sooooooo bad!!! hahahah but i got the courage to post it anyway because of the content and what i really wanted to share with the world! check it out here: (you will see what i mean) haha

If i hadn't posted that up and got the courage to do it anyway even though it's not perfect, i wouldn't have learned the lessons i needed to learn to make it better next time.

It really is all about this equation:

Action (Doing) & Application (Learning)

= Progress

The more you take action, the faster you learn and the faster you progress. Often times it's not perfect and we make mistakes but that doesn't mean we fail. It just means we're learning and making progress towards our Vision.

Now have a look at my latest Video.... there are still so much to improve! I have made so much mistakes! I was also sick and have been coughing through the interview and i still don't have a glam team! haha but here it is anyway, and those mistakes teaches me how i can get better for the next one. It's not perfect but i made progress.


1) Give yourself a break!

Remember that it's not about the destination! It's about the moments in between and during your journey! Enjoy the learnings and be aware of how much you have grown and give yourself a break!

2) Get over yourself! haha

Eeekkkk when we make mistakes we need to learn to dust ourselves off and try again! and that sometimes need a quick shift into developing a sense of humour! Is this mistake/imperfection etc going to matter in the next 5 to 10 years? c'mon now.... sometimes we need be comfortable in being able to laugh at the silly things we might have done, learn from it quickly and move on.

3) Get Serving!

The more you focus on serving people and being a blessing, you don't have time to be having a self pitty party when you make mistakes. Know that making mistakes and not having everything perfect is part of the process. We need to make mistakes so we can grow and learn. Let's get serving!


Fideliz x

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