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Brilliant & Beautiful is a choice we make everyday.

Week 3 of our Brilliantly Beautiful Theme & today i'll be sharing with you one of the biggest challenges i have as an: Entrepreneur/Fulltime-Mom/Women's -Minister/Wife/Friend/Daughter/MC/Speaker/Life-Coach ..... and the many more hats that i wear everyday!

My goodness! I don't even know where to start! So many things have happened in this last 2-3 months and it feels like a fast (actually very fast) roller coaster that keeps on going..... But hey, what a great, fun and purposeful roller coaster it is! This one is really heading in the right direction and i feel that i have finally had a really good momentum towards my Vision and my dreams and i've really been focused and on track. I feel like i'm where i really need to be.

So many wonderful things happening & so many things to look forward to! The word EXCITED is really an understatement! That's what i seem to say over and over again for the lack of words! My heart is full, my life feels so meaningful, I'm very grateful and just so ready to serve. I just love having the freedom and being able to share the love of Christ in everything that i do.

However!!!! This very excitement is the one that's a real challenge for me!

Because of the Excitement, the passion and the amount of fun i have when i work and serve, i'm fully focused on the tasks and the things i have to do that i forget about looking after myself.

For the past month, i have been sick twice with the flu and find it very hard to recover. I tend to over work myself. I forget to eat, i don't have time for exercise and i don't get enough sleep. ( I just love what i do so much and don't feel like it's work at all) This is my biggest challenge - & i feel i'm in such a vulnerable state when i share that with you, but i believe it gives me drive and the accountability that i have to overcome this, and will continue to work on it.

One of my goals this week is Mindfulness & really giving my self some space and creating boundaries so i can spend quality quiet time with myself! This week i'm determined to make a change and get myself creating new habit of Mindfulness and Self love.- Even though so many wonderful things are being achieved right now, imagine what more we can do and how much more impact we can make when are are looking after ourselves right!

This morning i got myself to have breakfast outside and sit in the sun.

It was such a struggle to get my mind to snap out of thinking "pull out your laptop and lets start working...." i was really sitting there literally breathing in and out, trying to clear my mind and not think of what i have to do.

(the food was so yummy... yes not on the healthy side.. but hey lets take it one step at a time ok? )

I finally did it, and i was there feeling the beautiful breeze on my cheeks and feeling the sunshine hit my skin. I was listening to the sound of the traffic and the birds and the people walking past, and was eating my food really slowly, and enjoying it!!!! The waitress even asked me a couple of times if "everything was alright" and i said "yes i'm just really enjoying the food" .... when usually i will eat it fast and get on with what i have to do.

It feel so good to take ownership and start being accountable again to myself! That i do need mindfulness and self love. It is challenging, but i will continue to work on it.

Brilliant & Beautiful is an everyday choice.

By looking after yourself, honouring & respecting your body, Taking care of your mind & being a good steward of the time that God gives you will always result in a Brilliant and Beautiful thing. Choose to look after yourself and serve from a place of overflow.

Easier said that done right? yep. But i choose to read this over and over again until i am living proof that i can take charge, respect and be a good steward of the body God has given me. I really do believe that we will live an even more brilliant and beautiful life when we take care of ourselves.

So this week i challenge you! Go and spend some time for yourself. Go out there and get some fresh air, have some time for mindfulness and self love & continue to fill up your cup - this is still an ongoing challenge and a learning experience for me, and like anything will take time. Just take the first step and do something today. Even as simple as going for a short walk.

I will also be allowing myself to have a day off tomorrow and will (try) to turn off my phone and gadgets to spend some time with me!!! eeekkk a full day! I just don't know what i would do but i'm sure it will be amazing!

Fideliz x

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