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Change your world through Self Love!

The most important decision of your life, the one that will affect every other decision you make, is the commitment to love and accept yourself. It directly affects the quality of your relationships, your work, your free time, your faith, and your future. Why? Because love is all about giving and receiving and if you can give enough care and attention to yourself, most probably you can give it to others as well.

We can't love others if we can't love ourselves and the measure we use to love ourselves is the same measure (sometimes even less than) what we use to love others. Don't get me wrong here.... Loving yourself and narcissism or selfishness are absolutely different things.

Love grows when we give it to other people, but love always starts within. It starts within before it manifests on the outside. God has blessed us with everything we have. Our bodies, our health.....our whole being. we need to take care of ourselves and be good stewards of what God has given us.

"I want to let you know that there is power in self love.

So much power that it can change your world!


When we fall in love everything around us becomes more beautiful and appealing. Falling in love with yourself is no exception. It enables you to look at things, people and life from another perspective, better perspective."

But the most important thing is that all these changes are about your perception only. So you can choose whether you love yourself and this world or not. Self-love can make you a better person. It improves your physical, psychological and emotional state.

So today i introduce you to one of the most, generous, loving and inspiring ladies i know whom will also be one of my guest speakers for the up coming Vision Casting & Life Strategies Workshop! Cristina Bakhos!

Cristina Bakhos is a skincare and make-up professional with over 15 years experience in beauty. Cristina is also committed to helping women build a career in the beauty industry, at the same time helping them develop both personally and professionally to become successful entrepreneurs.

Cristina is so passionate about sharing the importance of self love & skin care and i was curious as to how she discovered this passion & what she does to practice self love...... so here it is..... read on and find out more about Cristina and her LOVE for skincare.

Fideliz x


Yes! I will age gracefully…as long as I have my skincare routine!

My love for skincare dates way back to precious moments spent with my beautiful Lola (grandmother). I would watch intently as she would moisturise and apply her daily make up, then gently cleanse and moisturise every evening. This was like my story time. Amongst other treasured stories, she had the patience to explain to me the importance of this simple daily routine. I couldn’t wait to get to use her cold cream!

My Lola was one of the most selfless women I know. She was a strong woman who stood by the side of her husband in running a printing company and raised 7 children, some of them through war! This was a woman who was 80 but could have been easily mistaken for being in her mid 60s. She knew then, with her simple routine, the importance of cleansing, moisturising and a parasol! It was never a long, lavish session. It was a swift and vital part of her daily routine, just like brushing your teeth. There was no time for facials; she would have thought it self-indulgent. I doubt she ever knew what a facial was! This was her time, yet she shared it and imparted her wisdom on me.

We certainly have come a long way since then. As busy women we deserve to indulge ourselves in the pursuit of the best complexion we can have, for as long as we can have it. What I learnt is that skincare isn’t solely about pampering your skin. It’s an integral part of preserving and nourishing one of your most valuable assets, an asset that deserves your full attention for a very small portion of your busy day. It’s not just about pampering every now and then, or when you find yourself staring at your reflection in the mirror up close and personal, and see your first line, appearing like a thief in the night.

So I’m sure you would agree that prevention is key, which goes with most things in life. Luckily today we can prevent AND treat most skin issues cosmetically.This is where my romance with Nutrimetics begins. Have you ever worked with a company that inspires you every day? I do. It’s simple - we give EVERY woman the confidence to become the authority on her own skin and skincare.

I’m enamored with the facts that Nutrimetics has been established in Australia for over 45 years and are dedicated to be continually innovative in the development of their naturally enriched products, which has made Nutrimetics the number 1 Anti-Ageing skincare brand in Australia. My guess is it is because we have a team of beauty experts working in our lab, right here in Sydney, formulating skincare to directly address OUR needs, to suit OUR unique climate.

Our high performance products are benchmarked against leading premium beauty brands. We don’t have extravagant advertising campaigns; you know the ones that leave you questioning what on earth have you just watched? Money is filtered straight back into development of our products and the pockets of our Beauty Consultants or Beauty Entrepreneurs as we like to call them. It’s about empowering women who then in turn empower others, creating a chain of confidence.

Okay so enough bragging about me working for the best cosmetic company on the planet, let’s talk about YOU! What is your skincare routine, or lack of, what are you looking for, what are your needs and concerns?

I’m hoping to be able to address some or most of these with you all at the upcoming Vision Casting Workshop. I’m excited to meet and share with all of you. See you soon X

Cristina Bakhos

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