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"As a Life Coach, I help women discover their wildest dreams,
deepest desires and most audacious visions! It is my passion to bring out your uniqueness, and see you walk in confidence towards your God-given calling and Life Purpose - knowing that you have the power to create a faith filled business and a lifestyle that you adore." - Fideliz Cruz

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"Fideliz is a certified Life Coach by BYC Academy & is the winner of the 2018-2019 International's Coach of the Year Award. Fideliz has been featured in numerous media platforms including Sandigan Radio, Tagumpay Radio & SBS and her work featured in Philtimes, EHM, YMAG, Inspire COACH and Ambitious Entrepreneur Network to name a few.


Fideliz is the founder of Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Academy - A community for Christian Women Business Owners for equipping, empowering and sisterhood support. Fideliz is also the co-founder of  ARISE Business Network.


As a certified life and business coach Fideliz helps women discover their passions, gifts, talents and all that light them up so that they can create a life and business that honors God, create lifestyle freedom & be able to serve and give back to their community. It is her vision to see women rise up in leadership in all aspects of their lives" 


The Go To Coach For

Faith Filled Entrepreneurs


"My coaching sessions with Fideliz was incredibly enlightening.

Fideliz’ coaching has been instrumental in helping me achieve my career goals. With her guidance, I was able to create professional and personal goals for myself and action plans to help hold me accountable for following up on the goals.


During our coaching, I’d achieved the short-term goals I set for myself and had the motivation and a tactical plan to address the long term goals. Those are accomplishments that I previously would not have been able to manage on my own.  Fideliz was extremely helpful

& an exceptional coach!" 


- Carla Ong 

Programs & Workshops






The 6 Session Coaching Program is a private one on one coaching experience where I can help you cover whatever challenges, questions, blocks or opportunities appearing in any aspects of your life – may it business, relationships, career, health, studies, or ministry leadership. I will provide specific insights and be there every step of the way.


I will help you gain clarity in your goals, and together we will create action steps to move you forward – addressing challenges you might be facing. Personalised one on one coaching is so effective that you will achieve incredible results because we can focus on exactly the spots in your life that need most attention.


The 6 Session Coaching Programme goes for a total of 3 months, where we will connect either in person, skype or phone call every fortnight. (a total of 6 sessions) 


You will have access to me via email throughtout our whole coaching program as well as access to the amazing Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Community where you will meet other like minded women. In this network you will gain support, insight and resources that will continue to inspire you even after our coaching programme is finished.


You will receive a questionnaire to be completed before we meet to maximise our time together.

Financial Investment: $797 a month for 3 months ($2,391)

Pay in full and receive $200 off. ($2,191)

*Monthly or fortnightly instalments are also available.



This group mastermind is designed for the woman who is serious about creating a life that she loves in a supportive group environment & looking to connect with other Kingdom Women who are doing incredible work in their chosen field.


In this coaching programme you will meet and be able to collaborate with like-minded women who are also passionate in serving through their God-given business. Together we meet up for a 90 minute group coaching session via zoom which is scheduled once per month, discussing our monthly topics and focusing on different aspect of our business. (A total of 12 sessions) 

You will also receive a 60 minute one on one coaching session with me as support to our monthly calls where I can guide you and help you with the specific challenges you might be needing help with.

I will help you gain clarity in your business goals and vision, & help you cover whatever challenges, questions, blocks or opportunities appearing in your business.


We will create action steps and strategic plans to get you moving towards your business goals & I will also help you discover your unique passions, your strengths, unique gifts & abilities to help you utilise them in your business. Creating a profitable thriving business as you create the life you love. 

We will create opportunities together, collaborate, and mastermind ways where we can promote and lift up each others business and celebrate each others hard work - Group coaching programs are great as it connects the participants together in a beautiful community. A supportive place that brings about accountability.


There will be email support throughout our coaching together and you will have access to our amazing Kingdom Women Mastermind Alumni 

Community where you will meet other like minded women who have 

also experience this mastermind in the past. In this network you will gain support, insight and resources that will continue to inspire you

even after our coaching programme is finished.



You will receive a questionnaire to be completed before we meet to maximise our time together.

Financial Investment: $497 a month for 6 months ($2,982)

Pay in full and receive $500 off ($2,482)

* Monthly and fortnightly payment options are also available.


"Fideliz is a gem to work with. When I was on the look out for a speaker at my live event, I had a number of people in mind, but I gravitated to Fideliz's positive genuine energy. She delivered above and beyond."

- Tina Bangel. Vocal Coach / Podcaster & Founder of One Voice School of Singing.



The God Centered Entrepreneur

Vision Casting & Life Strategies

Discovering your Passion & Purpose

The Kingdom Mindset

Faith filled . Vibrant . Dynamic . Raw 

Fideliz is the founder of The Kingdom Women in Business community, as well as a co-founder of The SHE Women's Movement. 


A vibrant storyteller who loves to share God's word infused with her own personal life challenges and experience to encourage and empower lives with courageous faith, true transformation and freedom.

Faith filled and transparent, Fideliz speaks from the heart and shares her insights, experiences, personal struggles and life lessons. 


Her desire is to encourage those around her to pursue the calling God has placed in their lives, to exercise their gifts & talents for His glory and to live out their best, highest, grandest vision.


Praise & Testimonials
Image by Micheile Henderson

"Never a dull moment working with Fideliz! The room just gets filled with positive vibes the moment she steps in. As a photographer, I love working with Fideliz. She knows what she wants and has a clear vision of the outcome.

She's very professional with a double shot of inspiration! Highly recommend"

- Alistaire Ong, Owner and Photographer at Today is the Date Photography



"The way Fideliz intercepted my life and how I bit the bullet into life coaching is Divine intervention.

The impacts of my life coaching program are HUGE. Not little. HUGE. And real.

What manifested was a Self-love manual where I put down the 'goals of my dreams' into every day practical examples. 

Before I knew it, I was loving life already. More so than ever before. I'm unstoppable now!"


- Josephine Lau

 Co-founder of Grace x Strength

"Fideliz truly is gifted in supporting and bringing out the best in people.


A brilliant coach who helped me achieve results beyond what I could have imagined.


She's my go to Life Coach. Empowering and inspiring!"


- Navlina Kalra 

"Fideliz is absolutely THE go to coach for faith filled entrepreneurs and women who want to step up into their vision, passions and purpose with clarity and confidence.


One of the most visionary and passionate Christian Business leaders

in Sydney, Fideliz offers heart centred coaching that will up level your results, performance and help release you into walking out your God given gifts with faith and confidence"

- Joanne Tweedie

Founder & Life Coach at


Image by Micheile Henderson

"I had been struggling with my inner dialogue in regards to getting my business out there and being more visible in the market place and so I was looking for a coach to help me with my visibility. This was my first time to work with a professional coach and so I was exited to be able to work with Fideliz. I felt that having her as my coach was a great decision and I am very happy.

My friends and family were amazed to see my work more visible on social media and have congratulated me on being able to freely express my passion and work on different platforms. My coaching sessions with Fideliz were amazing and I achieved my goals with the help of accountability. My visibility blocks disappeared and I now feel secure about myself and my business.I was able to define the areas where I want to share my public voice in different platforms on social media and in person. 

I now feel secure and happy, knowing that I make a difference in my community. I love my coaching business and I'm excited for the future!

Thank you Fideliz for being in this journey with me and for your words of encouragement. They mean a lot to me and have helped me so much. Your presence, so kind, fresh and lovely, I really enjoyed our time together. " 



- Nadina RivasEntrepreneur and Life Coach. Intuitive Communication


"Fideliz was a great spiritual support and coach through the months that we coached together. She pushed me to look at my limiting beliefs in a gentle, but faith-filled manner. I appreciated knowing that she was with me during my journey of spiritual discovery in both my personal and professional life.


Fideliz is grounded and present within our calls and provides the necessary guidance to help filter through areas of stagnation. I also appreciated her emails between our calls and encouragement of my efforts in my business, it meant a lot to me. I would highly recommend Fideliz for coaching, especially those who are looking for a Christian based guide / mentor / spiritual supporter."

- Mish Pope

Life Coach & Educator at

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