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"Create the Highest , Grandest Vision possible for your Life, because you Become what You Believe" - Oprah Winfrey

"Make your Vision so clear that your fear becomes irrelevant"




This workshop is specifically designed for women ready to gain clarity, create and refresh their Personal Life Vision. Together we will go through a guided meditation to help you visualise your most audacious dreams and help you see through the eyes of Faith.


Allowing you to specifically write out your life vision - a declaration and a reminder that will help you set goals and strategies towards your Vision. In this workshop we will get together and create our own individual Vision boards and set strategies towards your dreams.

"I have always had many ideas floating in my mind & often got distracted with different opportunities that came my way. What the workshop did for me was to centralise my focus on a vision that tied together everything I was passionate about and basically showed me the pathway of what, how & where

I want to be in 5-10 years time 


- Alyssa Mak 

"Everything starts with a Vision! This workshop is specifically designed for women ready to gain Clarity, Create and Refresh their Personal Life Vision.

"The Vision Casting Workshop gave me clarity in what it is that i wanted to achieve in life & the confidence in knowing that our lives work in seasons & that we all have our own pace! I enjoyed the workshop with Fideliz & saw her passion as she ran the workshop.

The presentation was engaging, easy to follow and fun!"

- Daisy Foster


~ Gain Clarity. You will be able to walk away with a clear life vision and a clear understanding on how to create heart centred goals to

help you take the first step towards your dreams.

~ Experience a guided meditation to help you visualise your dreams.

~ Learn the importance of having your own Personal Life Vision and the part it plays in the very different seasons of your life.


~ You'll be taking home your own beautiful Life Vision statement that you would have created on the day of the workshop.


~ A Beautifully crafted Vision Board made by YOU! 

~ You will be able to connect with other like-minded women & be part of a community where you will have access for full support and encouragement as you take your journey towards your dreams. Priceless!

Healthy Light Refreshments Provided



Are you ready to take the first step towards your success?

It's time to create your life vision.

It's time to get clear on what you want.

It's time to set clear goals towards your dreams. Are you ready to be part of a beautiful community that will support you along the way?

"Prior to attending the Vision Casting Workshop I had been doing much soul searching in relation to my life's purpose: what has God put me in this earth to do?

Fideliz really helped cement the importance of having a vision in order for me to get to where i need to go! Her wonderful warm, light- hearted yet undoubtedly insightful approach kept me thoroughly engaged, as myself and  the other participants got creative in carving out our uniquely tailored personal visions and life purpose statements.

It felt incredible to put my statement down in words, on an eye-catching vision board, which i can now return to during any times of doubt or diversion.

Fideliz has the sophistication, grace and wit to tackle such a big heart issue as 'life purpose' in a way that makes it fun, interactive and highly memorable experience. 


In her Vision Casting Workshop, expect to laugh a lot as you make fast friends with other like-minded women who have big dreams and much to offer the world!


You'll become a part of an ongoing network of sisters to support your journey towards turning your vision into reality. God our creator has a design for each and every person... I thank Fideliz  for her gift of encouraging me to dream big, seek clarity, celebrate my unique gifts, show up and most importantly - to commit everything to God's will" 


-Rachel Reid 

"Are you ready to gain Clarity and Create a Clear Vision that will propel you towards your Dreams? This Workshop is for you!"

Bring your mom, your aunties, cousins,  friends, and soul sisters!

The Vision Casting Workshop is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones, as you dream big and take action together! 

The Vision Casting Workshop is also available for your women's ministry event,

team building events and birthdays.

Contact us at for more information

on how to host your own VISION CASTING WORKSHOP PARTY! 

"When women support each other, incredible things happen! This is much more than a workshop.This is building a community.It's all about sisterhood."

- Fideliz Cruz  

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