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Bundle of 10

10 x "Your Divine Assignment" Paperback Copies. 

FREE Gift Wrapping & FREE Postage within Australia. Part of the proceeds go towards Generation 414 - supporting survivors of human trafficking. You can find out more about Generation 414 at


"The most common questions ring true and resonate with us all:“What is my life calling?” “What am I called to do in this world?”Many of us are in search of what it is that we have been called to do—deep inside we know that we have been created for a much bigger purpose. There is greatness within that is waiting to be activated and explored.Fideliz Cruz, Christian Life Coach & Business Mentor, will take you on a journey that will encourage you to discover your God-given calling and the Divine Assignment you carry.

Sharing her story on how she was able to discover her call and ministry to serve as a Christian Entrepreneur, Fideliz tells of her challenges as a woman of faith in the business world.Unpacking the life lessons learned throughout the years, she imparts the message that indeed, we can serve God and minister to others in all areas of our lives, including our business.

This book is for Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs and has been divided into 5 parts, plus journal prompts after each chapter to help you get the most of the book:

The Kingdom Woman & Her Calling
The Kingdom Woman in Business
The Kingdom Woman & Leadership
The Kingdom Woman & Stewardship
The Kingdom Woman & Faith

Your Divine Assignment will help you discover who you are in Christ and who He has created you to be— a Kingdom Woman of faith who is blessed to be a blessing, who is flourishing and fruitful in all aspects of her life."

Bundle of 10

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