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How Dreams are Birthed to Serve & Bless Others.

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

God has gifted me with many talents and dreams to travel and be creative. In 2010 one of those dreams became alive when I got a passport and travelled to Israel.

I grew up with a passion for sales and serving others in my community. From an early age my Middle Eastern culture was imprinted in me and i had a prophecy not long before that the Lord was sending me to Israel and to get ready. Israel was never a destination in my heart or mind. I want to travel to Europe or some beautiful island. But I decided to listen to the word and go.

My husband Wayne was so supportive of my mission trip to Israel. I went with a team of people from Nowra healing rooms. I had never travelled very far before and it was a huge step of faith to go. I had always dreamed of going to Lebanon with my Aunty and visit my mum’s heritage, but God had other plans for me.

I had been looking for a business that supported the poor but no doors had opened up to me during that time so by faith I booked my ticket to Israel with a word in my heart that God was leading me.

The trip was amazing and I learnt so much about myself and while I was there I was asked to bring home some banners n prayer shawls that the Widows had made from a ministry called “House of Blessing” And so the journey of Carmels Garden Began.

Here I am 7 years later with amazing testimonies of the goodness of God and how he is using 1 young girl from Australia to help feed and support Orphans n Widows in Israel. My faith journey had begun and we become part of the Israelite community. I felt incredibility blessed and that God had sent on a mission of faith and prayer.

The Bible became alive to me as I walked the streets of Jerusalem and stayed in the old city. We walked the streets that my ancestors had come from and enjoyed the beauty and culture of the day.

We had the privilege to go out as an army praying God’s protection over the borders of Israel and proclaiming the Word of the Lord over that land.

We visited a church in Arad that meets in a Park & went to the Dead Sea which is 1,290 feet below sea level and floated in there. We stayed Old City and stayed at the Christ Church Hostel and shopped and went to 24 seven prayer houses and visited the city of David and walked Hezekiah’s tunnel.

The food, culture and lifestyle in Israel reflected back to me of how I grew up here in Australia with my Lebanese family. Families were playing backgammon I felt right at home. as this is one of my favourite family games and I still play my dad and cousin today. Another highlight was having a Shabbat meal at the Mt of Olives and I was surprised at how many aussies were everywhere we travelled.

Travelling up the coast we visited other old cities and Artist colonies meet artists and enjoyed the ambience of the place. The scenery and beauty of the Mediterranean was exotic.

On my trip I meet Virginia and she had been supporting the mission of House of Blessings for 20 years. The Lord had been speaking to me about bringing home a ministry so when Virginia asked me to sell the banners and prayer shawls and showed me photos of the children I knew in my heart this was right.

Carmel’s Garden was birthed out of a desire to bless these Orphans & Widows in Israel. By purchasing products from Carmel’s Garden you are assisting the Orphans & Widows with funds for their basic needs like food, water and education.

The Silk Banners and Silk Prayer Shawls are made by the Widows in Israel. They work tirelessly sewing & serving the Lord Jesus in their ministry to spread the message of love. They do not receive any government assistance and they are fully dependent upon the Lord to provide for their daily needs. They live at the Sea of Galilee, the West Bank, and in Jordon & in Jerusalem.

The Lord has done amazing miracles and I have had the privilege of hearing and sharing many testimonies of Gods love for mankind. My desire now is to sell as many products or collect donations to keep on supporting the Orphans and Widows in the Middle East.

Carmel Austin

"No matter where you are in the world, you can make an impact and make a difference using your gifts and talents, serving and sharing the love of God where ever you go. We are called to serve." - Fideliz


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