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What To Do Whenever you Feel Unsure + My Philippines/Korea Mission Highlights.

So it's been a while since i came back from my short mini mission trip to the Philippines and Korea! Even though it was such a short trip, I would say this trip has really touched my heart - one i cherish and will forever be a significant part of my life. It was a challenge i took on.... knowing from the very beginning that i'd be experiencing a lot of First times! -

First time i would be away from my family - specifically my 6 year old daughter (this would be the longest time we would be away from each other! 9 days! haha) + First time to be celebrating our 9th Year Wedding Anniversary away from my husband!, First time to travel alone, First time after 9 years since i've been back to the Philippines and First time to visit Korea!

(at the airport braving it with my daughter getting ready to go in the gate)

Sacrificing time away from my family was a big deal for me! Yes i was challenged and i was scared - but knowing that i'll be able to serve The SHE Women's Ministry of Korea and Philippines + See the beautiful kids from CWC Kids Ministry, gave me the courage to go ahead and take the opportunity! I was full of mixed emotions! there were times i was scared, sad and worried, and other times i felt excited, and happy. But what really got me to go was when i looked and focused on my PURPOSE!

When i looked at this opportunity to serve and started focusing on what impact i could make in someone's live through this mission, the answer in my heart was a big YES! SEND ME! THIS IS MY LIFE'S PURPOSE! - I'm here to serve. It reminded me of Isaiah's Commission in Isaiah 6:8 "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said,

"Here am I. Send me!"

(Witnessing the hard work & effort of my family & many beautiful women behind the scenes - cooking and preparing for the big event)

I believe in life there are times when we're presented with an opportunity that might seem scary because it's something new and something we might have to try for the first time. But isn't that part of learning? and isn't it a great opportunity to grow and step up in Faith? - So when you're faced with an opportunity and you're unsure of what to do.... GO BACK TO YOUR PURPOSE! Go back and ask yourself what you're really wanting to share with the world and the legacy you want to leave behind.

I believe theres power and freedom when we focus and look at our Purpose. Doing this reminds us of the WHY we're doing the very things we are and helps us re-direct or re-position ourselves if we are off track.- The Power of Going back to your Purpose allows us to build strength and courage to do those things we thought we're afraid to do. It embedded deep inside us and will serve as our guide as we make life changing decisions.

(at the SHE Manila 1 Year Anniversary!)

(the precious children serving through music ministry)

(The wonderful ladies of SHE! Launching the movement in Korea!)

The experience and the testimonies i have from the mini mission trip was incredible! it was beyond what i'd expected! I know it was only for a short while, but it was such a memorable experience celebrating with the ladies of SHE Philippines & an honour being their Guest Speaker for their 1 year Anniversary as well as being able to witness the Launching of the brand new team and ministry in SHE Korea!

I met new friends, created deeper relationships, community and sisterhood with the ladies that i believe was divine connection. It was so worth it!

So what do you do when faced with a great opportunity but unsure? Maybe you're feeling fear creep in, maybe overwhelmed and don't know what to do.... GO BACK TO YOUR PURPOSE! and there you'll find that the answer that will point you out towards the right direction - Just watch and you'll see it all unfold once you take the first step.

Keep focused and keep winning!

Lots of Love,

Fideliz x

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