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Confessions of a Life Coachee

Have you ever wondered what happens in a Life Coaching Session?

Have you ever considered getting a Life Coach but unsure if it's for you?

Today i have the pleasure to introduce to you one of my beautiful clients -Now business bestie, great friend and prayer partner Josephine Lau whom i've had the pleasure to coach!

Josephine wrote a beautiful blog after completing our Coaching Programme together and i was so blown away by what she had shared! I was already so over the moon by what she had achieved through our coaching sessions and now this is just the icing on the cake! The sweetest thing to read when a client writes a specific blog about what they have experienced in your coaching sessions right? who wouldn't love that!

But what i love about it the most was her raw confession and her courage to share what most would dare not share about their fears and doubts of having a Life Coach to begin with - Thank you Josephine for being so courageous in not just sharing your thoughts about Life Coaching, but sharing with the world your PERSONAL GOALS, your imperfections, your doubts and your fears! Love your courage and rawness and truly this is inspirational.

(Here's Josephine enjoying Beautiful Paris! One of her many goals achieved!)

Read Josephine Lau's Blog

Being a Life Coach is already so Rewarding & so fulfilling! It's crazy to say but there's no words to explain what i feel when i see one of my clients achieve goals after goals and see them gain confidence and momentum in their journey. It's such a pleasure watching their journey unfold and seeing them shine in their own unique way. But this has taken it to another level for me and has really challenged, inspired and encouraged me to continue to strive to be a better Life Coach for my Clients.

Josephine Lau is one of those positive people who's eagerness to learn and achieve is so contagious! She's always excited about making positive changes in her life and look for ways on how to impact others in a positive way, blessing others with her God-given gifts and i'm so very proud of her.

Some people find Life Coaching as a luxury service that's only available for some. However, Life Coaching is an essential MUST HAVE support that all of us can benefit from.

I love what Josephine said at the end of her blog:

"So, why a life-coach? Because they are trained. Fideliz made a good point. She’s not God. She does not have the answers. God does and most of the time, we do. Her job is not to answer the questions but to bring out the answers inside us or help us find the answers ourselves. I describe it as the loose puzzle pieces or gold coins that are trapped inside a transparent glass piggy bank. You know it’s there, you may even see them. To access them, you need someone to smash the piggy bank for you and put the puzzle pieces together. That driving force of the hammer IS the LIFE COACH." ~ Josephine Lau

"Whether you are struggling to find purpose in life or whether you’re a go-getter with goals stuck on your vision board already, this is my recommendation. Next time you meet a life coach you can connect with, give it your time and thought on investing in yourself. Not investing in them. Investing in yourself. Because the returns of the breaking that piggy bank is worth it." ~ Josephine Lau

Life is all about taking the steps and the actions.

And as i always say, our ACTION is the evidence of our FAITH!

So what are you waiting for? Take the Action today and make the necessary steps to get you closer to your dreams!

Email me for a FREE Clarity Session & Let's make your dreams come true!

Love Fideliz x

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