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The Chef's Masterpiece comes from a Vision.

To be highly motivated, hard working, along with unique talents will not cut it! You MUST have a target in which you are aiming all your energy and all you efforts towards. It's called having "A VISION".

To be a leader without a vision is like running on the treadmill in the dark with your head phones blasting whilst listening to Drake's "started from the bottom". You feel like your getting somewhere, you've even perfected your every step. The song has gotten you pumped, your shirts drenched with sweat and your almost out of breath... Suddenly, the light switches on and you rub your eyes only to realise that you're still in the same spot in the same room, and you sing to yourself, "..started from the bottom and I'm still here.."

To have a vision is to know what you want. Many times, I would find myself highly motivated with high energy and grabbing just about everything and anything that came my way as I was unsure as to what I wanted. My skills weren't aligned with my vision and my motivation was unclear.

There was a point in my life in which I had to ask myself questions in order to put my vision in perspective."What is it that I really want"? "What career path did I want to take?","What type of marriage did I want?" I realised I needed to find my vision and start strategising, planning in order to succeed.

Having a vision allows you to practice a specific skill set.

Any individual can accomplish anything they put their mind to. Any person can develop skills, however are these skills contributing to your VISION? Your skills must be in lined with your vision.

Master your skill specifically to contribute to and achieve your vision.

As a Chef, knowing your "vision" means to have no excuses.

Every part of a dish plated, from the pasta that was freshly made from scratch, to how a jus was built from base flavours of roasted bones and mirepoix, to how temperatures manipulate textures, right through to flavours contradicting colours. If the dish doesn't describe in detail or depict the chef's vision, the dish will be trashed.

When we look at our vision, standards, convictions and discipline are activated. Why is it, that we want other people to make guarantees to us, but we aren't willing to give guarantees to ourselves? Are we not brave enough that we want the excuse to blame someone else.

Having a vision causes you to upgrade.

I can honestly say that one of the hardest things for me was to aline my values to my vision.

When I looked at my vision I was a producer, but my values said, I was a consumer. I saw in my vision that I was hard working however, at that point I found sleep a lot more valuable. You need to synchronise your values with your vision.

Your vision should enhance and upgrade you. Your skills, your techniques, and your strategy is upgraded. Your standards are higher when your convinced and convicted by your vision. Your caliber elevated to great heights when your affix to your vision.


Frederick Antonio

is the co-founder, co-owner & Head Chef of

Having been a chef for 17 years, he has shown great capability and creativity towards culinary industry.

Fred was previously the Sous Chef at Bathers Pavilion.

One of the most prestigious and iconic restaurant of The Northern Beaches.

Now as the Head Chef, he is responsible for the over all operations and culinary experience at Coffee Philosophy.


Are you ready to start with a clear vision that will propel you towards your dreams? Make sure to check for updates for the next


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