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The Great Vision Quest

Every guru says to have a clear vision of your dreams, the car, the dream holiday and most importantly a clear picture of our lives; the perfect partner, family, career and our purpose. “The two greatest days of your life are they day you are born and the day you discover why” (Mark Twain). This desire to receive a vision of our purpose is so great that the personal development industry is estimated to be worth over $11 billion. If you are reading a blog about vision then you are seeking the answer to one of these questions… “What is my purpose?” or “How can I be sure it is my purpose?” I was facing this dilemma six years ago; I didn’t want to spend 10 years pursuing something that was wrong. I’m sure you have had the same conversation with yourself. But the answer is not in a seminar or even in a book, I discovered the answer far away from all of these and I would like to share with you how I received a clear vision of my purpose.

I was speaking at an event and one of my business mentors shared something with me that would change my life forever, it would set me on an unbelievable journey; it was the answer I was searching for, what is my purpose? What he shared with me was not revolutionary, technical or even modern, on the contrary, it was old, ancient in fact. He told me about an American Indian tradition how the men discover their position in the tribe. When a boy reaches the age of becoming a man, the boy is sent to a secluded location for four days without anything to eat, drink or even read; a ‘Vision Quest’. The boy receives a vision of his unique purpose then re-enters the tribe to become an apprentice or student of that purpose. The American Indian's believe that purpose is a spiritual gift and to be sure about our purpose we must break away from all distractions and connect with spiritual powers to receive a vision. This belief of spiritual connection for visions is also quite common in ancient cultures; Australian Aborigines have ‘Dreamtime’, ancient Persians have ‘Chilla', and even Jesus spent 40 days fasting.

If we want a clear vision of our future and purpose, do we need to spend 40 days without food in the desert? Not exactly, but I did go on a mini ‘Vision Quest’; I spent three days camping alone in a national park without anything but water, no technology not even a watch. I hiked, climbed and scaled my way through the national park, it was amazing being that close to nature and away from all distractions; free to focus on my thoughts. At first my thoughts were only about food; McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks and KFC (not my normal diet but you know what it is like when your hungry… you will eat anything).

The second day I didn’t think much about food but my mind was still busy with worrying about all the things I wanted to do but didn’t have the time or resources. Have you ever had those thoughts weigh you down? In the middle of the second night something happened I will never forget; I woke up feeling nauseous, dizzy, like I needed to throw up. It felt like it went on forever; I thought I was going to die (ok, a slight exaggeration, I was being a drama-queen but you know those moments when you are ill and think it will never end, well this was that moment). Fortunately it did end after about an hour or so when I passed out, waking in the morning feeling better than I had ever felt before (later I learnt that ill feeling was just my body going through detoxification and was getting rid of all of the toxins in my body after not eating for two days; I wish someone had warned me about this first).

I felt amazing, free, like no body could stop me, I just wanted to run, so run I did! Like Forrest Gump I ran through the forest thinking so clearly, seeing answers to problems, creating revolutionary business strategies and most importantly, I discovered my purpose; it was like an enlightenment. I realized that every conversation I had with someone I was mentoring or a client I was coaching or speech I was presenting the underlying theme was purpose. I discovered that my purpose was to help other people live their lives impacting others with their purpose; living on purpose. I had just discovered the first key to discovering our purpose is spiritual connection.

I’m not here to preach to you about religion; if you agree that we each have a unique purpose with unique gifts, strengths and personality to fulfill that purpose, it is only logical that we agree there is a higher power, a supreme intelligence in control with a plan, that is why we have been given unique gifts, strengths and personality. The Australian Aborigines, American Indians and Ancient Persians alike all understood, vision of purpose only comes through a spiritual connection. My spiritual connection is with God, others is with the universe, yours may be simply a connection with your inner self but whatever you call it, if you want a vision of your future and purpose it is crucial that you cut out all distractions, spend some time away and connect to get the answers.

As a speaker coach the first thing I do with my clients is assess their unique gifts, strengths and personality and have them take time to spiritually connect to get a vision confirming their purpose. When I have a big decision, seeking answers or simply feeling overwhelmed I step away and connect, not always a ‘Vision Quest’ sometimes just at home turning off my phone and computer for the morning, but I am always deliberate with connecting and most of the time I will get the answer I am seeking.

Spiritual connection = vision of purpose.

How are you going to connect? What are you going to connect with?

I challenge you to do your own of ‘Vision Quest’, I want to hear about what you experienced, I know it will be amazing. I wish you all the best on your quest!


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