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YDA Mother's Day Gift Pack

Give your Mom this meaningful gift that keeps on giving! 
We have partnered with Generation 414 and a portion of the profit from this Mother's Day gift pack goes back to helping survivors of human trafficking.

YDA Mother's Day Gift Pack Includes:
- Your Divine Assignment Paper Back Signed by Fideliz Cruz 
- Generation 414 Freedom Bracelet - Handmade by the survivors 

- "You are Loved" Artwork - Artwork by Jacqui Naunton

- Gift Wrapping 
+ FREE Postage within Australia

More about "Your Divine Assignment Book" :
Sharing her story on how she was able to discover her call and ministry to serve as a Christian Entrepreneur, Fideliz tells of her challenges as a woman of faith in the business world. Unpacking the life lessons learned throughout the years, she imparts the message that indeed, we can serve God and minister to others in all areas of our lives, including our business.

This book is for Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs and has been divided into 5 parts, plus journal prompts after each chapter to help you get the most of the book:
The Kingdom Woman & Her Calling
The Kingdom Woman in Business
The Kingdom Woman & Leadership
The Kingdom Woman & Stewardship
The Kingdom Woman & Faith

Your Divine Assignment will help you discover who you are in Christ and who He has created you to be— a Kingdom Woman of faith who is blessed to be a blessing, who is flourishing and fruitful in all aspects of her life.

The "Freedom Bracelet" has been handmade by survivors of Human Trafficking. 
Generation 414 is a collective of generational change makers that speaks up about injustice that is currently happening around the world. You can find out more about them here:

This is indeed a powerful and meaningful gift for a special mom 

YDA Mother's Day Gift Pack

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